STFU! RGV Says He Admires Women's Sensuality More Than Their Minds & We Aren't Flattered

STFU! RGV Says He Admires Women's Sensuality More Than Their Minds & We Aren't Flattered

From ascribing yesteryear superstar Sridevi’s success to her thighs to insulting a woman journalist by making derogatory comments on her looks, Ram Gopal Varma has surely said & done some pretty problematic things in the past. Sadly, there’s no stopping him and the litter-ground that his Twitter feed has turned into is proof enough. And it isn’t like problems choose him or something. Nah, the man himself is the actual problem. It’s like every morning he wakes up and chooses chaos! 

And while we were pretty happy with the fact that he had been left to oblivion in recent times, it seems RGV is back at it again. Now, what fresh hell he might have raised you ask? Well, just his basic cacophony about women and their bodies that he keeps reducing them to.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, the filmmaker got to talk about his views on women (God save our souls) and reiterated a rather tone-deaf line of thought. It was back in 2013 that Suchitra Krishnamoorthy in her book Drama Queen revealed how RGV had once very rudely told her how he likes women’s bodies and not their brains. However, unashamed, the man then went on reiterating the same line of thought in his book Guns and Thighs. Back then, he was also called out for his sexist thoughts. Sadly, he hasn’t learned one bit from the experience and revealed in the new interview that he still maintains his preference for women’s bodies over their minds. 

“The brain does not have a gender. A woman can have it, a man can have it. The sexual aspect is very particular and specific. A woman has an extra thing which is her sensuality and which I admire,” says the chap! Honestly, we aren’t shocked or surprised, just disappointed that he is still allowed to talk about women. That said, here are a few things that we want to convey to the filmmaker.

Hey RGV, Read A Little?


For a filmmaker, you'd hope research to be one of RGV’s strongest suites but that’s clearly not the case here. I mean for someone who clearly can’t regard women beyond their ‘sexual aspect’ he knows but scanty about them. And this is why he should read a little. We'd recommend that he starts with his birth certificate that states that he came from a woman’s womb ‘coz that should really help him with a fresh perspective. He can later move on to elementary books on women achievers and subsequently newspapers to keep a tab on what women like K Shailaja and Kamala Harris are currently doing. I mean this is if only his own “mind” can process all that information. We frankly have our doubts though and seriously suspect that his own "mind" lies battered in a sad heap of flop films that suffered for his want of research and reluctance to look beyond the compact cave that he lives in (and refuses to come out of). Yes, he has made some good films as well but ehh… we’ll ignore them just like he wants to ignore women’s minds!

Or Just Look Around...Watch Some Films, Maybe?

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Pretty bold of RGV to refuse to admire women’s minds given that some of his women contemporaries are really giving him a run for his money. In fact, women filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Meghna Gulzar, and Gauri Shinde are exploring all sorts of genres, creating immersive cinematic experiences and winning awards and accolades both. Meanwhile, all RGV seems capable of doing right now is talk about women’s bodies! Seriously, when was the last time he delivered a hit? Oh wait, guess we know what it is about women’s minds that actually makes him writhe with revulsion. Jealous much, RGV? LOL, poor guy!

Also, No Offence RGV Coz Same To You Minus The Sensuality Bit!

RGV sure is hella tone-deaf. And while he might maintain that he isn’t too stimulated by women’s brains, we don’t take any offence ‘coz the sentiment is very well reciprocated. I mean every time a man tries to make such a tone-deaf (not to forget perverted) statement in today’s day and age it is a sure shot sign that he has lost the plot and become absolutely obsolete. Guess what, we aren't impressed with his "mind" either!

And on that note, good that RGV has shifted to Goa (a fact that all the publications are focussing on RN) ‘coz retirement might soothe his senile mind we guess. Good call!

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