The International Film Festival Of India 2017 Opens With SRK's Epic Speech

The International Film Festival Of India 2017 Opens With SRK's Epic Speech

International Film Festival of India 2017, the 48th edition of the festival was declared open by Shahrukh Khan yesterday, using the phase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and this is exactly why you need to know about this. What does the sanskrit term mean? ‘the world is one family’. With everything the film industry has been going through, the Padmavati controversy and all that followed, King Khan’s speech should be heard and not just because the man has a history of making epic speeches. 

“I believe no matter what your language is, no matter what country your story comes from, and no matter what your ideology is, story-telling and listening should be a familial experience which binds us together, even in the face of dissent and discussion as it usually happens in a family, instead of tearing us apart.”

“I truly believe that films are made with the collaboration of hundreds of people coming together, working relentlessly for an idea they believe in and they love and they want share it with the world, ” he said.

His love for cinema is no secret and the fact that he constantly manages to support the art of filmmaking through all its ups and downs gives us hope. Smriti Irani (Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting), Manohar Parrikar (Goa Chief Minister), Subhash Ghai, Actors Shahid Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Sridevi were also present at the festival being held in Goa.

01 international film festival of india - beyond the clouds

Irani filmmaker Majid Majidi’s “Beyond The Clouds” was the opening film of the 9 day long festival, his was present for the screening alongside the cast including Malayalam actress Malavika Mohanan, actor Ishaan Khatter (Shahid Kapoor’s half brother) and contributing music director A.R. Rehman. Though Ishaan is yet to make his Bollywood debut with Karan Johar’s Dhadak, his international debut has turned into quite the sensation and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Featured Image: DNA