21 Adorable ‘Shahid & Mira’ Moments From Koffee With Karan!

21 Adorable ‘Shahid & Mira’ Moments From Koffee With Karan!
It’s no secret that we’re in love with Shahid and Mira’s jodi! They are just adorable together! Last night when they made their first official appearance on ‘Koffee With Karan’, they proved yet again that they are the cutest! These two lovebirds are relationship goals and after watching last night’s KWK episode, we can surely say that it was one of the BEST episodes we’ve watched till date!! Here are 21 ‘Shahid and Mira’ moments which took our hearts away...

1. When Karan talked about Shahid’s ex girlfriends and Shahid’s answer was just too cute!

When KJo told Mira that Shahid has been on the KWK couch with his alleged girlfriends in the past and now he’s here with you, Shahid responded by saying, ‘Cuz I always save the best for last, you know’. Aw! Shahid, you’re so adorable! 1 Shahid Mira

2. When they told us all how they met

‘We met through our families,’ Mira said and then she added, ‘The first time I met Shahid’s parents I started bashing Bollywood.’ Well of course, she didn’t know she was meeting her husband-to-be’s parents! Haha!

3. When he called her baby and made us go aww!

Between the conversations, Shahid called Mira *baby* and it was just so cute. It made us go aww and even KJo got jealous of the flirting that was going on. 3 Shahid Mira

4. When it all worked out for the two of them!

Shahid said, ‘I had been single for 4 years and I didn’t find anyone around me who I thought I could marry... I was lonely when I used to go back home, and then few months later I was meeting Mira and it all worked out.’

5. When they spent 7 hours talking to each other

They both met at Delhi with their families and when they were asked to spend some alone time with each other, they talked for SEVEN hours! Man, that’s a lot and just like Shahid said, ‘We had nothing in common and we could talk for 7 seven hours, that’s excellent and it means something!’ We definitely agree with you, Shahid!
5 Shahid Mira

6. When Mira said she wanted to meet him again after their first meeting

When Karan asked how she felt after the first time she met Shahid, Mira answered, ‘I wanted to meet him again.’ Aww! You two were meant to be!

7. When she looked at him with so much love in her eyes!

There was a moment in the episode where Mira looked at Shahid with so much love in her eyes that it made our hearts beat faster! 7 Shahid Mira

8.  When Mira complained about Shahid not proposing and he said, ‘I went down on my knees to give you the ring baby.’

Like a little kiddo, Shahid explained himself and it was the cutest thing EVER!

9. When Mira said that she’s head over heels in love!

This was indeed our favourite ‘Shahid Mira’ moment from the episode. And then Shahid said ‘I realized I have fallen for her after she got pregnant. We got very close! We used to spend a lot of time with each other…’ to which Mira added, ‘You and I, becomes “us” when you get pregnant. It brings you both close when you know you made something together that’s yours.’   9 Shahid Mira

10. When they talked about the perks of arranged marriage!

Like Shahid said, ‘Every day is better than the last one. The process of love happens over a period of time and it’s amazing.’

11. When they did PDA on KWK!

When they were so much in love that they couldn’t hold themselves back and showed us a little bit of PDA! Mira said ‘I love you baby’ in the cutest way possible! 11 Shahid Mira

12. When Mira said, ‘I know everything about him and he knows everything about me.’

Now that’s what we call TRUE LOVE! When KJo started talking about Mira’s boyfriends, Shahid fooled around a bit but then said, ‘We are very secure, I’m settled in this marriage and I like it.’ Aw! Just so perfect.

13. When Mira missed Shahid when he was away for only 3 days

Mira told us all that she missed Shahid when he went to attend IIFA. She said ‘I was feeling lost. Where is he? Come back’, to which KJo said that that’s LOVE, Mira...and we kinda agree.   13 Shahid Mira

14. When Mira revealed the last thing she says to him before going to bed

Mira said, ‘The last thing I say to Shahid is I love you before going to bed.’

15. When Shahid told us the sweet and cute nicknames he has for Mira!

Jaan... Baby... Pushpush... Nunu... Mumu...! Haha! Hilarious.
15 Shahid Mira

16. When Karan asked Shahid, ‘What do you have on your mind’, and he said ‘Only Mira’!

Enough said.

17. When they both were like every couple there ever is...

When Shahid told us that he’s in the doghouse if Mira says ‘LISTEN’. Well, that’s the case for all guys, Shahid. You’re not alone. 17 Shahid Mira

18. When Shahid said, ‘I better lose to my wife’ during the rapid fire round!’

This is a big deal because we all know how much it means to win the Koffee hamper!

19. When Mira told us the most romantic thing Shahid did for her...

When Mira was pregnant, Shahid entered her room with a bunch of shopping bags and he said ‘Here, this is for you. You know... because you can’t go out shopping.’ OMG! We wish our boyfriends would do that for us. 19 Shahid Mira

20. When Karan didn’t announce the Koffee hamper winner!

Karan didn’t give the hamper to any one person in this episode, instead he gave it to the family. How sweet!

21. When they both proved that they are best!

After looking at their pictures we loved them and now that we’ve seen this super cute side of the couple, we know that these two are just made for each other!!
21 Shahid Mira If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you can watch it here. After watching this episode of KWK, we’re head over heels in love with this couple! *Heart* Featured Images: Koffee With Karan, Season 5, Episode 9.