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Mira Rajput: ‘I’m Head Over Heels In Love’ - This Is SO Cute!

Mira Rajput: ‘I’m Head Over Heels In Love’ - This Is SO Cute!

We just love Shahid and Mira’s adorable jodi, they look like a match made in heaven. Don’t you agree? The lovebirds will be seen on the next Koffee With Karan episode that is all set to air on 1st January, 2017, and what better new year gift can we get? Mira spilled some beans on the show and we enjoyed a good laugh after watching the teasers of the upcoming episode. Here are some of the most adorable and some of the most hilarious moments from the teaser that’ll make you adore their jodi even more...

1. When they couldn’t stop flirting with each other…

Aww… The two couldn’t stop being adorable! From holding hands to hugging, they were totally in love. And yes, Mira also said ‘I love you baby’ to Shahid and told the world that he’s hers! *Happy tears* 1 shahid mira koffee with karan

2. When Mira said, ‘He knows everything about me…’

Mira said ‘I know everything about him and he knows everything about me…’ and Shahid couldn’t control himself and said, ‘I’m still discovering boyfriends of yours’ and both Mira and Karan burst into laughter! 2 shahid mira koffee with karan

3. When Karan asked Shahid about his exes...

Karan: ‘It’s the first time Shahid is with somebody who he’s really spending his life with. Were any of your exes invited to the wedding?’ Shahid: ‘I don’t remember, I know that none of them came.’ 3 shahid mira koffee with karan

4. When Mira expressed her love for her hubby...

Karan asked Mira, ‘You’re married to Shahid Kapoor, are you in love with him?’ and she said, ‘Of course! I am head over heels in love.’ Aww! Stop it, you two 4 shahid mira koffee with karan

5. When Karan asked Mira, ‘How many boys before Shahid?’

Karan said that he knew about Shahid’s past relationships and asked Mira about hers…And Shahid answered the question - ‘no less than mine.’
5 shahid mira koffee with karan

6. And Shahid’s most annoying habit…

Karan asked Mira what Shahid’s most annoying habit was and she said, ‘He burps a lot.’ 6 shahid mira koffee with karan You can watch the teasers here and here. We can’t wait to watch the full episode! It’ll be super fun!
Published on Dec 27, 2016
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