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WTF! Shahid Kapoor's Instagram & Twitter Handles Were Hacked And The Hacker Isn't A 'Padmaavat' Fan

WTF! Shahid Kapoor's Instagram & Twitter Handles Were Hacked And The Hacker Isn't A 'Padmaavat' Fan

Yes, you heard that right! Shahid Kapoor's social media accounts were hacked. Wondering where he accidentally left his phone while he was busy celebrating the birth of his baby boy.

This is not the first time Shahid's social media account has fallen prey to these hackers. Earlier, his Facebook account too was hacked. He put out a tweet saying, "My Facebook account has been hacked and will be restored shortly. If you see anything ambiguous please know it's not me."

It's not very easy to hack into someone's system unless you're a professional. Bollywood celebrities have a tight security but who can save them from cybercrime? Guess no one!

The hacker is posting random posts and it's cracking us up. By the looks of it, he probably has an agenda behind hacking into Shahid's Instagram and Twitter handles. 

Check out what all he has posted so far!

1. Good choice, buddy but you could've posted that on your feed!

Shahid Hack 1

2. Looks like he doesn't have a spell check

Shahid Hack 2

3. And that's his logo

Shahid Hack 4

4. Is he referring to Alauddin Khilji? And barbar for King Babur? 

Shahid Hack 3

5. So, that's his agenda!

Shahid Twitter Hacked

This is not the first time a Bollywood celebs' social media account has been hacked. In fact, Abhishek Bachchan and Anupam Kher's accounts were also hacked by someone who claimed to be an activist from Turkey.

Even Mahesh Bhatt's was a prey of this cybercrime. And the hacker mishandled his account to send vulgar messages to Sunny Leone, KRK and Poonam Pandey.

Long ago, someone hacked Boney Kapoor’s Twitter account and sent messages to people, asking for monetary help.

When Karan Johar’s account was hacked some time back. He later took to Twitter to confirmed the news by posting, “So something weird happening to my Twitter account. It’s sending random DM’s to the Twitterati. Please be warned. Even KRK’s account is hacked!”

Looks like the hackers are just fans obsessed with Bollywood!

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