Shahid Kapoor's Relationship Advice For Priyanka & Nick Is On Point!

Shahid Kapoor's Relationship Advice For Priyanka & Nick Is On Point!

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra apparently dated while they were filming the movie Kaminey but they've never actually admitted it. They've been teased together multiple times and Karan Johar has even hinted at it on his talk show to both of them but now that's a closed chapter in both their lives. PC and Shahid are happily married, not to each other of course. 

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor got hitched in 2015 and have two beautiful babies- Misha and Zain. Our desi girl, PC tied the knot with her firangi babu and our Nick jiju only last year. Since then they've been sharing adorable and heartwarming pictures of each other and look supremely happy. 


Recently, Shahid Kapoor went on Neha Dhupia's chat show and was asked what relationship advice would he give to Priyanka Chopra. He said, "Understand each other’s backgrounds as well as you can because you’re from very different backgrounds."

That's actually great advice and must be a very fun process for the lovebirds too. Understanding each other's cultures, traditions and where the other comes from. It seems as though they are very respectful to each other's backgrounds because even the wedding was an amalgamation of both their customs. 

On the same talk show, Shahid was asked what relationship advice would he give his half-brother Ishaan Khatter. And you have to hear what he said. Did he just confirm that Ishaan and Janhvi were together? OMG! *squealing*

Shahid has always spoken highly of Piggy Chops. He had earlier said, "Priyanka is doing amazingly well I am very happy for her. She has made all of us proud. She always had the potential to become an international star and she has proved it."

He had also said a little something for Nick Jonas on Koffee With Karan, saying, "Never back down, buddy. You’re with the original Desi girl!"

Well, we're glad that even after dating and having something special together and it ending, they can be happy for each other. How I wish my exes could be like this! 😂

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