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SRK Speaks Up For Women At Farhan Akhtar's Concert & Wins Hearts

SRK Speaks Up For Women At Farhan Akhtar's Concert & Wins Hearts

The gentleman that Shah Rukh Khan is, he has never shied down from speaking about how much he looks up to the women in his family and also the actresses he has been fortunate to share screen space with and learn from. SRK recently appeared at the Lalkaar concert organized by the Population Foundation of India, Farhan Akhtar’s Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) and Feroz Abbas which also saw performances by Salim-Sulaiman, Armaan Malik, Papon, Neeti Mohan, Harshdeep Kaur, Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar. Here he spoke at length about letting women chart their own path and accepting and respecting them for who they are. 

“Farhan and I are generally not considered manly because we are a bit gentle, quiet, shy and we treat women well, in our hearts, souls and I have been told to say ‘equally’. (But) Farhan and I, and I am sure all the people present here, feel women are extremely superior to us and we are even scared of them. I believe that there is no shame in being scared of a woman, of our daughter, sister, mother, wife, and girlfriend.” 

The matter of fact is that toxic masculinity helps no one and it puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on men to subscribe to certain stereotypical 'manly' traits which do little to complement their temperament. And we are glad that SRK is all here for men who maybe like to cry a bit and get that occasional pedicure and maybe acknowledge that women's rights are human rights. That we are all in this together. 

It is a poignant and relevant thought to accompany the campaign ‘Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya- Enough is Enough’ which focuses on ending violence against women and girls.