Why Do We Like Sending *Naughty* Texts? 7 Girls Reveal…

Why Do We Like Sending *Naughty* Texts? 7 Girls Reveal…
Let’s admit it, sexting is quite common these days! Most girls like sending sexy text messages to their boyfriends, and why not? It’s not JUST about turning him on, it can also help in keeping the *spark* in your relationship alive and make things even hotter! We don’t know if you will admit to it or not, but some girls on Whisper did. They confessed why they love sending dirty texts to their boyfriends and some of the reasons are quite interesting. Here’s what they anonymously confessed...

1. “We learn new things about each other!” - Yeah! That is indeed sexy!

1 sexy text messages

2. “Because I feel desired!” - Yes! Sexting does that...

2 sexy text messages

3. “I do it when he’s out with his friends…” - Hahaha. Yep! Who else is guilty of doing this?

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4. “Because it’s hotter than flirting face to face!” - Okay, but flirting face to face has its own charm… *Wink*

4 sexy text messages

5. “Because I love hearing what he would do to me…” - We agree! Sexting is hot AF!

5 sexy text messages

6. “Because I’m too shy to say everything in person!” - EVERY shy person ever! Who else relates to this?

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7. “Because I can lie about what I’m wearing!” - Haha! We never thought about it that way! :P

7 sexy text messages We found these confessions here on Whisper... Okay, these were some very interesting confessions! What do you think?