Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales Of Finding Love In The Neighbourhood

Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales Of Finding Love In The Neighbourhood

1. Bolted Shut

We both lived alone in the city, next-door neighbours in apartments where nobody spoke to each other. One cold winter, I got stuck outside my apartment without a key and that’s the first time I met him. He offered his place while I waited for the locksmith. One thing lead to another and there we were, laughing away at childhood stories and drinking wine at 3am. But the thick sexual tension couldn’t be ignored, and I’m glad he decided to make a move. He kissed me as his hands roamed my body and set a trail of fire. Soon, our clothes were in a pile on the floor and neither of us bothered opening the door when the locksmith did finally arrive.

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2. Love In The City

Just having moved to a new city, it wasn't until the day that he came knocking at my door that I knew I had welcoming neighbours. He offered to help me set up my place, and soon, we became good friends, and spent time together after work each day, getting to know each other. He asked me out on a date 3 months after I moved in, and our first date was the most romantic night of my life. Pleasantly buzzed and wrapped in each other's arms, we tumbled into my apartment that night, and without a word, started undressing each other with uninhibited lust, his fingers trailing every inch of my body. And just like that, within just half a year, he went from my neighbour to my roommate; and from stranger to boyfriend!

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3. Sizzling Encounter

I remember ignoring him once we became teenagers, he turned gawky and I was too shy to talk to boys. We’d been friends before but I never looked back, awkwardly ignoring him and soon, he left the country to finish his graduation. Some things in life just take you by surprise, and damn so did he. I barely recognised him as we both entered the empty elevator together. He had gotten HOT, Zac Efron hot! He knew he’d caught my eye, because his hands immediately grabbed my waist as the elevator shut. “Remember me? Don’t you wish you’d stayed in touch?” Yes, I did!! But he didn’t give me a moment to reply as he kissed me. Long story short, that was the hottest make-out of my life. Too bad he soon moved away and left me wanting more.

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