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13 Thoughts I Had While Watching Aamir Khan In ‘Sexy Baliye’

13 Thoughts I Had While Watching Aamir Khan In ‘Sexy Baliye’

Have you checked out Aamir Khan's new song ‘sexy baliye’ from Secret Superstar yet? No? Great! Because now you can actually be part of my journey of watching the song for the first time. Aamir's new film has been kept under wraps other than a few sneak peeks here and there. And although we know what kind of character Aamir is playing, courtesy his super funky dressing sense, we have no idea what the movie is all about. And this new song confuses us even more! So here are a few thoughts I had while watching 'sexy baliye'! (yes, I get paid to do this, guys!)

1. Man, that hairstyle looks straight out of a Center Shock ad!

2. Is it weird that I actually like his sunglasses?

3. Those golden sneakers are legit hurting my eyes!

4. Okay, I am gonna try and concentrate on the song now...

5. Of course, white girls as background dancers! Can't ever do without them!

6. The signature step is so bad that it's good!

7. Ouch, ouch, ouch! He hit that poor woman!

8. I can't believe Aamir is actually pulling off this role.

9. I also can't believe I secretly want his pants!

10. Stop hitting the girls, please!!

11. I am laughing even when I don't want to!

12. My expectations from this movie have just hit the sky.

13. My sexy baliyeeee...oooh! 

Watch the video now so you can hum along as well!

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