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5 Girls Reveal… That One Sexual Fantasy Bae Asked Them For!

5 Girls Reveal… That One Sexual Fantasy Bae Asked Them For!

All of us have some sex fantasies we don’t feel so comfortable talking about…  And men, they have a bank of these fantasies that they want to try out with their girl. Most of them are surprisingly sexy and fun to try but some, oh boy, some are really weird. Weird enough for us, at least! Here are some of those fantasies girls shared on Reddit that their bae asked them for, and you’ll be surprised after reading them.  

1. The one who has a weird kissing position!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: To kiss each other while doing cartwheels.

1 sexual fantasy - demi lavato kiss

2. The one who likes her to pretend to be a shoplifter...

LPtrainee answers on Reddit: Well, my SO asked me to act out a ‘detention’ for him, with him pretending to be the shoplifter and me being the LP woman who busted him.

3. The one who wanted her to do it with a strap-on!

Ebonita140 answers on Reddit: This one guy I used to see, albeit briefly, was into me doing him with a strap-on.

3 sexual fantasy - girl surprised

4. The one whose fantasy included…wrestling!

Lucidviolet answers on Reddit: I dated a guy who was on the wrestling team. One day, while we were fooling around, he asked me if I had any fantasies. My virgin-self described being on a deserted island, tied to a... Before I could react, he pinned me to the ground as I floundered beneath him. ‘Wanna hear mine? It involves wrestling!’ Needless to say, I never took him up on his offer.

5. The one who was dressed like a girl...

Girlinboots answers on Reddit: One of my exes wanted me to dress up like a guy with a strap-on and f*** him while he was dressed up as a girl.

5 sexual fantasy - saif ali khan cocktail

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

Weird enough?!

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