Top things on a sex bucket list for men

Top things on a sex bucket list for men

We have our bucket lists ready for everything - a college bucket list, a travel bucket list, a wedding bucket list, and we even have one for our career. But, guess what? Some of us have a sex bucket list too! YES! Sometimes, we do talk about it with our partners, and go ahead with what we have on that list. But sometimes, maybe not. We just wait, and wait for the right moment. And probably our S.O. is doing the same. So how to know if bae has a sex bucket list? And how exciting or weird it is? You can try talking to each other about it or start hinting that you have one, and that’ll make your partner open up about it. Meanwhile, read a few things men have on their sex bucket list we found on Reddit. Who knows, you and your boyfriend might have the same ones...   

1. The one who will need to build a treehouse…

The_D_String answers on Reddit: Sex in a treehouse. Aah! If not new things to try in bed for couples, why not new places to get in bed as a couple 😊

1 sex - emma watson weird face

2. The one who wants to do it on a canoe!

Spanky_the_wolf answers on Reddit: My goal is to have sex in a canoe. Quite an adventurous sex bucket list.

3. The one who will definitely make you travel around the world and here’s why…

Poopsammiches answers on Reddit: Sex in all 7 continents. Sex bucket list or wanderlust? We are still wondering.

3 sex - impressed girl clapping

4. The one who wants to fall in love and do it with someone he cares about!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Sex with someone I care about.

5. The one who needs ‘space’ (and not the one you’re thinking)!

MmmPeopleBacon answers on Reddit: Sex in space. Having to worry about Newton's third law of motion. F***ing in microgravity would make you have to hold on to each other so you didn't send the other person flying into a wall.

5 sex - man excited

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

Girls, now you know!

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