7 Severus Snape Fanfictions That Every Potterhead Needs To Read!

7 Severus Snape Fanfictions That Every Potterhead Needs To Read!

Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! Our favourite Harry Potter professor, who we shared a complicated relationship with, would have turned 58 today had he been alive. But we'll always remember him fondly, from being the most cold-hearted villain to transforming himself into a soft, loving character, J.K. Rowling definitely hit gold with this character's development. I remember growing up not just with the Harry Potter books but with every student in Hogwarts and therefore being subjected to the abuse of a brutal professor who later turns out to have a heart of gold. However, it's safe to say that everybody saw Snape in a different light. Don't believe me? Catch a glimpse of the most popular fanfictions written about the professor. Some of of these will make you want to cover your face in embarrassment while the others will make you blush. 

1. Snape’s Portrait

Harry decides to have a conversation with Snape's portrait after his death and apologize for everything that's happened in the past. Not really that creepy and honestly, pretty well written. 

01 snape

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2. The Apprentice of Potions

A seventh year Ravenclaw student falls in love with the potions professor and the rest is rather disturbing but very convincing fanfic. 

3. Snape's Worst Nightmare

It starts off where the final book left, but this time Snape is still a professor at Hogwarts and is living his worst nightmare, teaching another generation of Weasleys and Potters! I'll crack you up. 

03 snape

4. Genetic Obsession

Hermoine is a magical geneticist and Snape is the sexiest wizard alive, and that's only the beginning. Am I the only person creeped out by their age gap? 

5. Finding You

Truly a difficult read, what if Hermoine had found solace in Professor Snape on the night before the battle of Hogwarts? Now you know. 

02 snape

6. Protector

This is what would have happened, had Snape raised Harry instead of the Dursleys. Would Harry have turned into a villain and become best friends with Draco? Such difficult choices. 

7. What If You Can Change The Past?

A flashback of sorts, your present reality is that Hermoine married Snape and now he's dead. But she has a time turner and travels back to find Snape and make him fall in love with her again. 

04 snape

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