"The First Time I Sent Him A Naked Pic..." - 10 Women Share!

"The First Time I Sent Him A Naked Pic..." - 10 Women Share!
Sending nude selfies to your boyfriend can be a difficult decision for some, while for others it’s just another way of building sexual intimacy. But how does it feel to send naked pictures for the *first* time? Well, some girls confessed on Whisper how they felt after sending someone a naked picture of themselves for the very first time! Was it difficult? Was it kinda amazing? Well… let’s see what these 10 girls confessed!

1. “It was kind of a turn on…” - Oh, really?

1 sending nudes

2. “I actually enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.” - Okay! That’s interesting!

2 sending nudes

3. “I didn’t like it!” - Just do it if you want to. Otherwise, don’t.

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4. “He didn’t believe it was me!” - Now that’s weird!

4 sending nudes

5. “I threw up after sending them!” - Woah! Haven’t heard this before!

5 sending nudes

6. “I was worried, he wouldn’t like my breasts.” - We say you should be confident about yourself!

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7. “I’m really nervous about us now...” - If it’s meant to be, it will be!

7 sending nudes

8. “His reaction was the best thing in the world!” - Lucky you! :P

8 sending nudes

9. “Just to keep things spicy!” - Yep, long distance relationships can be hard, sometimes!

9 sending nudes

10. “I’m just ashamed of what my friends will think…” - Chill, don’t let other’s opinions bother you!

10 sending nudes We found these confessions here. Okay! These were some very interesting confessions.