Selena Gomez Performs Wolves At The AMAs 2017 & We’re Blown Away

Selena Gomez Performs Wolves At The AMAs 2017 & We’re Blown Away

Calling all the Selenators in the house! Raise your hands if you haven’t stopped humming ‘Wolves’ from the very minute the magical track was released (my hands have totally lost feeling in them, that’s how high I stretched them)! Selena Gomez dropped her red-hot collaboration with DJ Marshmello, that gave us the most sultry vibes to a song we haven’t heard in a long time. And we were all happy and pink with glee until..she performed it at the AMAs!

At the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2017 held on Sunday, Selena marked her return to the stage after more than a year, and she chose to sing ‘Wolves’ for her comeback performance, and the reactions were phenomenal! This was the singer’s first stage performance after recently undergoing a kidney transplant due to lupus, and her dedication to return to the stage is truly remarkable.

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Sporting her new blonde locks and clad in a slip dress, white sneakers, and blood stains marking different parts of her body, Selena emerges from in front of a car, presumably resembling a car crash, and begins her song in the steam-filled stage - giving the mysterious aura to her crooning voice. She is soon joined by zombie-esque backup dancers (looking eerily like copies of Samara from The Ring), who provide the perfect backdrop to the howling of the wolves and the smooth transition of the song’s beats.

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Selena gave an emotional and soulful performance, and in a sombre ending to the song, whispered a solemn ‘Thank you’ to her audience, that erupted in applause. You could see the overwhelming happiness behind her eyes, and several people agreed that she was truly a Phoenix for choosing to rise from her ashes and come back to performing - a place she’s always loved and felt belonged.

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Not everyone appreciated the performance, of course, and internet trolls were quick to bring out the ‘lip-sync’ allegations against her, as well as critiquing her for giving a “terrible performance”.

But, we haven’t let the gloom of the haters get to our hearts because the official music video for ‘Wolves’ has been released on Selena’s YouTube channel, and we can’t get our eyes away from the hues and sensual shades of blue she has going in the frames! Her powerful vocals lend the melancholy to the song, setting the mood for a bittersweet past. Marshmello’s signature style steps into the chorus, giving the pensive theme song a beautiful transition.

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