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5 Guys Reveal... Secrets They Rarely Share With Girls!

5 Guys Reveal... Secrets They Rarely Share With Girls!
We all have some *dirty* secrets. Some secrets we only share with our friends and some secrets that we don’t even tell our besties. But have you ever wondered what secrets men have? Well, some men on Quora revealed the things they rarely share and their answers are quite interesting. So read on to know what secrets men keep from women...

1. ‘Masturbation stories.’ - Yeah! We wouldn’t want to know either...

Krishnakumar Shetti says… 1. We might tell our girlfriends ‘I love you’ a thousand times in a day, but it’s our moms who come first when it comes to unconditional love. Always. 2. Masturbation stories. Shh! 3. We take the bro-code very seriously- we never tell our guy friends’ secrets to other girls, even at gun-point! 4. Our failed (mis)adventures of the past... 5. We cry too. We just make sure no one notices us when we do that. No wonder most guys love the rains, and the freedom it brings (if you know what I mean). 6. We feel the pain when a girl hurts our feeling with her words/actions. Still, we manage to fake a smile (most guys are masters in this art of deception). 7. We just don’t live for boobs and butts. What matters is how you complete us in our quest to become better human beings. 8. We love girls who can cook. We love to eat the food cooked by women. Some might argue why should only the women cook? Well, I am not being patriarchal here, just that I know a lot of women who take pride in their cooking, and have been fortunate enough to eat amazing dishes prepared by them. 9. We don’t like getting hit on our balls. That hurts. A lot! 10. We sometimes don’t get your subtle signs. Please forgive us for that, and be explicit in such cases. You will be surprised to know the lengths we can go to keep you happy. 1 secrets men keep

2. ‘Holding hands is better than a blowjob!’ - Wait, WHAT? We don’t know any other guy who would say this…

Lakshay Kaushik says…
1. The text- ‘have you reached home?’ That's not a formality. We actually do care whether you have reached or not. Be it sister, mother, girlfriend, friend, colleague or acquaintance. 2. We are bad at controlling our eyes. We might be staring at you but thinking about the unfinished ppt at the office. 3. When we date you , our friends respect you the same way as they respect their sisters. We honor bro code to the last drop of our blood. 4. We have an ability of separating lust and love. 5. Holding hands is better than a blowjob. 6. We don't know anything about your emotions. Most of the time we are making wild guesses and when we fear getting busted. We say, ‘I love you’. That works most of the time. 7. We love our moms more than any other lady in this world. If a guy says he loves you more than his mom, he is either a moron or a liar.

3. ‘We act tough to win you over.’ - And that’s what we do too… *High five*

Timothy M. Thompson says…
1. That we share similar dreams and values. 2. We like beautiful things that remind us of you. 3. That we’re usually wrong and you’re right. 4. We get hurt as much as you do. 5. We act tough to win you over. 6. We learn more from you about ourselves than we’ve ever discovered about ourselves. 7. We hate shopping. 8. We’re terrified of your father even before we meet him. 9. We pay attention to how you carry yourself around your parents. 10. We ultimately wonder why we even deserve such a great person like yourself. 3 secrets men keep

4. ‘We do gossip like girls at times’ - Hahaha… So you would agree that gossiping is fun!

Andrew Yeap says… 1. We do watch porn. 2. We do cry when we watch a romantic movie. 3. We do gossip like girls at times (we just hate to admit it!) 4. We cry in front of our guy friends, but never in front of you. Girlfriends, spouses and the state of being drunk are exceptions. 5. We walk around in the house in just our underwears (we want to feel sexy at times too). 6. We fap when there is nothing else to do (yes, it’s true LOL). 7. When a group of your guy friends start teasing you out of a sudden, trust me, one of them likes you and the others know it. 8. Bro-code applies to even strangers. 9. When we look at you, either we are daydreaming or you are gorgeous AF! 10. We may not show it, but get hurt as much as you do. There are many more but let’s just stop here!

5. ‘We do remember all our exes...’ - Even girls do!

Mert Yilmaz says… 1. That we get emotional frequently, we even cry sometimes. We never want to show our weak side, even if we go through tough times. 2. That we also like those super-sweet pink shiny cocktails. Some of us even deny we like ciders because it’s too sweet… Bullshit! they’re tasty. 3. That we hate the Gossip Girl series. we slept through the whole episode, we only watched it because you like it, and there are hot girls in it. 4. That we always remember all our exes, no matter what happens. 5. That we are all a little romantic, but we can’t show it because mostly we screw up. 6. That we’d prefer hanging with the boys instead of your friends. 7. That we do crazy stuff just out of curiosity, or just because we’re bored. The trouble we get in tends to differ with alcohol. 8. Erections, they happen. 9. We are messy, but we tidy up, just to look good. 10. We all have a woman crush. 5 secrets men keep You can read the full thread here on Quora.
Okay! Too many secrets… But what are the things that you rarely share with your boyfriend? GIFs: Tumblr