Better Late Than Never? Saudi Arabia Allows Women To Join Armed Forces

Better Late Than Never? Saudi Arabia Allows Women To Join Armed Forces

Though women have always had to fight for their rights in Saudi Arabia, the country is doing the best it can to make up for the age-long conservations. As a part of economic and social reforms within a broad programme, Saudi Araba has ruled that women can now join the armed forces. However, the move comes at a sensitive time when women's rights groups are accusing Riyadh of cracking down on women activists.

What Does The Ruling Say?

Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry took to Twitter to make the official announcement and wrote, "Another step to empowerment, #Saudi women to join the army for the first time." The ministry further shared information about what the recruitments would be like. It added that women would be able to serve as private first class, corporal and sergeant. Remember, it was just last year that Saudi Arabia authorised women to join security forces.

2017 To Now: Other Steps Taken For Women Empowerment In Saudi Arabia

Ever since his promotion to becoming to the Crown Prince in 2017, Mohammed Bin Salman, has been trying his best to bring about a monumental shift in the social structure of the kingdom. He has taken some drastic steps towards bringing about social reform and modernisation in Saudi Arabia. 


Women Can Now Take To Streets

Crown Prince Salman passed a ruling in September 2017, which 'allowed' women to take up the steering wheel and drive. Until then, Saudi Arabia, in fact, was the only country that had criminalised driving for women. Yes, you read that right!

Women No Longer Need Male Guardians To Access Basic Rights

Women in Saudi Arabia can access basic government and health services without seeking permission from their male guardians. The ruling which was passed in May 2017 by Crown Prince Salman gives women the freedom to decide for themselves, which they earlier were not allowed to and all the decisions were made by their guardians. 

Women Can Open Their Own Business

In another step to encourage women empowerment in the employment sector, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment said in February 2018 that women can open up their own business without having to seek 'permit' from their male guardians. 

Quite slowly, though, Saudi Arabia, at least is on the right track. Better late than never! 

Featured Image: India Today

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