Wait, What? 15 Thoughts We Have Now That Sasural Simar Ka Is Returning With Season 2

Wait, What? 15 Thoughts We Have Now That Sasural Simar Ka Is Returning With Season 2

Okay, fam, we don't know if this is the right way to start your Monday but here's something that we gotta say: Sasural Simar Ka is coming back with an all-new season! Yeah, we too are clueless on how to react to this new development. I mean, Indian TV seems to be in a real nostalgic mood right now. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya has already made a comeback to Star Plus. The vampires are also making their way back to the television with ColorsTV's new show, Kuch Toh Hai

It wouldn't be wrong to say that things are getting real wild with Indian television all over again. And in case anyone had any doubts till now, the return of Sasural Simar Ka just confirms it. After all this show was, is, and (we are guessing) will always be the OG authority on all things cray! Well, the rumour has it that the makers have already started the casting for season 2. In fact, a little birdie tells us that Avinash Mukherjee of Balika Vadhu fame has already been roped in to play the lead role.

This is actually quite interesting given that Avika Gor who was the main lead opposite Avinash in Balika Vadhu, also played the main lead along with Dipika Kakar in the first season of the show. Also, please be informed that the show's shoot will commence very soon. Can't say anything about you but we are definitely not prepared for it. Here are a few thoughts we have now that Sasural Simar Ka is actually returning to TV with season 2:

  1. Who is going to play Simar in season 2?
  2. More importantly, what all fantasy characters would Simar play in season 2?
  3. Will she go all out (yet again) and try to pull some Wanda Vision level shiz on the audience this time around?
  4. Is Dipika Kakar, the OG Simar, returning to the show?
  5. Is Avika Gor, the OG Roli, returning to the show?
  6. Will Jayati Bhatia return as Mataji in season 2 as well?
  7. If yes, would she continue with her bahu strangling spree? (read this story for a kickass reference video) 
  8. Will the show take up from where they left it in season 1?
  9. 'Coz if that's a "yes" then isn't a huge ass lawsuit waiting for Simar? Remember she stabbed Bhairavi with that Trishul so nonchalantly in the last episode? 
  10. From chudails to houseflies, we have seen almost everything in Sasural Simar Ka. Honestly, it won't hurt if they take some inspiration from Harry Potter this time around (10/10 we'll watch).
  11. Low-key cannot wait for a Sasural Simar Ka and Kuch Toh Hai cross-over episode! 
  12. Why is Sasural Simar Ka returning though?
  13. Wasn't it clear from the numerous petitions against season 1, that it was as problematic as it could get?
  14. Hope the makers do away with the kind of gore they showed in season 1 (while staying absolutely wild, of course).
  15. When does Sasural Simar Ka season 2 start? *smiles sheepishly*  

So fam what are your views on the return of the show?

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