Sara Tendulkar's Fresh-Faced Makeup Look Is *SO* Perfect For Graduation!

Sara Tendulkar's Fresh-Faced Makeup Look Is *SO* Perfect For Graduation!

Okay, I have a tiny girl crush on Sachin Tendulkar's daughter, Sara Tendulkar. I think she looks adorable in ALL her pictures. Like seriously, her wide smile and warm glow can make anyone melt! She recently posted a bunch of pictures from her graduation day on IG and as usual, the people of the internet went into a frenzy. Apart from her stunning white netted dress, her makeup game is on point too. 


Isn't she as cute as a button? Her skin looks fresh, the glow is evident and her lips have a brownish-nude tint to it. Her makeup isn't too bright, but there is a bit of colour. 

sachin 2

All smiles for mama and papa bear. Oh? Were you guys hoping for another family picture? I heard Y'all!

sachin 3

I love how her makeup complements her outfit. In fact, her entire look from her shoes to the dress to the makeup to the hairstyle - ALL of it looks perfectly put together. You go, girl!

In case, you too are falling for her fresh face makeup look and radiant skin, these pictures are a few of my favourites!

sachin 6

That smile though...

sachin 5

Pink lips, don't care.

sachin 4

I don't know about you, but I see a pattern here. Little or no eye makeup at all, nude tinted lips and maybe just a dash of highlighter. She already has her signature look!

Images: Instagram

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