There's No 'Sanju' Without Sanjay Dutt! He Does Have A Cameo In The Film

There's No 'Sanju' Without Sanjay Dutt! He Does Have A Cameo In The Film

With less than a day away from its release, Sanju has gathered enough buzz to become a path-breaking film. But can there be a Sanju without Sanjay Dutt in it? Nah!

The photos of Sanjay Dutt’s cameo has been leaked! However, we thought a possible crossover would never happen after director Rajkumar Hirani revealed to a leading daily, "the thought of Sanjay as his older self in the film’s final portions had crossed my mind for a moment, but then I let it go as I felt it would be too abrupt and weird. For one, you are seeing Ranbir as Sanju throughout most of the film, and then suddenly, you see Sanjay playing his older self, which would have automatically disconnected the public’s link with the film."

Sanjay Dutt CameoImage Source: All_Entertainment_Here On Instagram

However, the leaked photo clearly shows Sanjay and Sanju (Ranbir) twinning in classic black suits and aviator shades. It's most likely a part of a song in the movie.

No doubt the makers will have more tongues wagging after seeing both the superstars together on screen, even if it’s just a cameo. And here’s what Hirani had to say in response to the leaked cameo, as reported by Deccan Chronicle, "It felt like an intrusion in the creative process. The minute you introduce the real character in a biopic, you provide visual proof of how far your creativity is from reality. But the makers realised that the audience would be expecting the real Sanjay Dutt to show up at least once. Besides, Ranbir was okay with it."

Well, if Ranbir is okay with it, we are too! We can safely say the anticipation factor for tomorrow is high AF.

Featured Image Source: Style D’Mode