Frustrating That Kids Have To See This: Sameera Reddy On Covid-19 Anxiety Among Children

Frustrating That Kids Have To See This: Sameera Reddy On Covid-19 Anxiety Among Children

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a physical, emotional as well as financial toll over people across the globe. With several countries, including India, under complete lockdown, several people are dealing with the worsening of their mental health issues. While it is easier to seek help as adults, the pandemic has also had a severe effect on the mental health of children.

Actor Sameera Reddy, who is a mother to two beautiful kids--daughter Nyra and son Hans, recently posted a video to discuss anxiety among children owing to recent events. She broke down in the middle of the video when she spoke about her own kids' anxiety, and shared some useful tips for new mothers to help their children cope.

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“The most important thing I can tell you right now, the mental health of children is definitely not in the best space right now. And every child who is stuck in a lockdown is wondering deep down ‘what the hell is going on’. I was talking to Hans two weeks ago because I knew this was coming and the stuff he told me, I realised maybe we are watching too much news around him. Imagine if we have so much anxiety, how much anxiety do kids have? Akshay and me are talking among ourselves, preparing ourselves for this but we didn’t realise that this little boy...” she said as she got emotional.

“He is....It is so frustrating, it is just frustrating that kids have to see this. You want to make them feel safe, you want to make them feel loved. So what can we do? What can we mommies do?” she added.

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In an attempt to help fellow parents out, she added signs of anxiety among kids to her post. She urged all parents to observe their kids carefully and talk to them. "Even if your kid is bit short right now and impatient and cannot handle this, talk and just be there for them. Make them feel safe, just be honest. Give things to do but a routine is just not going to do it. It’s gonna cut it if you are actually there for them. This is a time for that, this is a time for that,” she said.

She also added that keeping your children busy is a good thing, but she recommends talking to them and being honest about the situation. We're glad Sameera decided to speak up about a sensitive yet important topic during these testing times. We hope all parents are taking notes and keeping themselves and their little ones safe!

Remember that this is a temporary situation, and that we're all in this together.

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