Sameera Reddy Dances With Mom-In-Law In Viral Video Proving Saas & Bahu Can Be Besties!

Sameera Reddy Dances With Mom-In-Law In Viral Video Proving Saas & Bahu Can Be Besties!

Have you heard of the viral Flip The Switch challenge on Tick Tock? It's where two people shoot the video together and dance one by one showing off their talent. The challenge requires one person to stand in front of the mirror holding the camera while the other participant dances to Drake's Nonstop. Mid-way through the song, the people in the video switch places and clothes and TikTok makes it look like it all happened in the blink of an eye. 

Recently, Sameera Reddy gave the trend a desi twist by dancing alongside her mother-in-law. The 39-year-old actress roped in her mother-in-law Manjri Varde for the challenge and she is absolutely nailing it. They chose the song Flipped The Switch by Quavo ft. Drake and Sameera described her mother-in-law as the "asli gangster" in the video. 

The video begins with Sameera Reddy grooving to the song in black separates while Manjri Varde, sporting a monochrome dress, holds the camera. Soon, they "flip the switch" and it's Manjri Varde who is dancing like a "gangster" in Sameera Reddy's black separates.

She captioned her post, "When your mother-in-law steals your thunder. Manjri Varde, you were epic! She flipped the switch. Thank you for being as crazy as I am. Please try this at home and tag us."

Watch the video here: 

Who said a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can't be besties?! We love how Sameera Reddy and Manjri Varde are smashing stereotypes. Check out their adorable photographs here:

Sameera Reddy is married to Akshay Varde and the couple have two kids, Hans and Nyra. She often posts videos and photos to show a more realistic side of how her life looks. The actress even uses social media to talk about postpartum issues that she's been facing to break the taboo around it. During her second pregnancy, she also opened up about "disappearing" from Bollywood as she was struggling with body image issues after Hans was born in 2015. 

More power to you Sameera! Are you guys going to try the 'Flip The Switch' challenge too?

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