Back To The Race: Salman Khan Just Accepted That He's Neither Sensible Nor An Actor!

Back To The Race: Salman Khan Just Accepted That He's Neither Sensible Nor An Actor!

Salman Khan's well-wishers were worried and were waiting for him to get emotionally fit after the blackbuck poaching case verdict and looks like he's a free bird inside out now. Those sleepless nights during the case were for fans and producers who invested money and time in him. The 52-year-old actor looked intense on the outside and tense on the inside during the verdict. However, many had already predicted that nothing would happen to him and guess what, nothing happened because he's lives in darling India.  

At the event to launch the trailer of his new movie Race 3, as per a report by IANS, the media coordinator tried to deviate by saying that no questions on the blackbuck verdict and the Karnataka elections would be entertained but Salman Khan answered anyway. Reportedly, Salman asked the journalist, "Did you think I was going to go in forever?" And when a journalist reply was in the negative, Salman Khan added, "Thank you, because I was worried" and looked away like he didn't care. Trolling alert! Why not sir? If you can get away after killing humans who look just like you, blackbuck is still considered an animal.

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Twitter is obviously not happy about the way he responded because let's accept it, we might have some sensible people in the country. 

The transparent-talking doesn't stop there. While interacting with another reporter who asked him a question saying, "No sensible actor...", Salman took the charge and completed the daring question, "...would have done the film?" However, the incident made everyone laugh, Salman's reply to it was, "You're asking the question to the wrong person. I'm not a sensible actor." He added, "I'm neither sensible nor an actor." And you thought, you were paying to watch a talented actor's work.   

But it's okay, Salman fans can go ahead with a banner of their 'humble' bhai, watch Race 3 and continue to fill both his pockets and his attitude.