Salman Khan Fat-Shamed A Woman On National Television And Now His Business IS Our Business

Salman Khan Fat-Shamed A Woman On National Television And Now His Business IS Our Business

Did you know there's an industry where ignorance and not-giving-a-damn about anybody can make you a hero and you are also rewarded with words like 'swag'? Wanna take a guess? Yes, it's Bollywood. 

Salman Khan is now an ever-present face for Indian TV because of Bigg Boss, Dus Ka Dum and guest appearances on several shows. Seems like, the giants of the television world have declared him a catalyst for TRPs. No wonder, he gets paid a bomb for his cameos.  

Recently, Salman made a guest appearance alongside Jacqueline Fernandez to promote Race 3 on Madhuri Dixit's new dance reality show Dance Deewane. On the show, Bhai did everything he's expected to do - gave standing ovations, fulfilled requests from the audience, danced with a seven-year-old and much more. However, the show still left us feeling annoyed, courtesy: Mr. Khan, sabke bhaijaan.  

One of the contestants, Meenal Dhapre, a 42-year-old fan of dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit, came onstage to perform. Prior to her performance, she requested a hug from Madhuri. As Madhuri agreed, Meenal, much like an innocent, excited fan ran towards Madhuri and while Meenal was proceeding towards the judges' podium, Salman's eyes followed her along with a suggestion, "Aaram aaram se kahin stage na toot jaye".

No no, we are not making a big deal out of one ignorant statement because Bhaijaan did not stop there. Meenal was overwhelmed and couldn't stop talking to Madhuri when Salman decided to interrupt the conversation and asked, "aap log pehli baar mile ho?" to which, the contestant replied, "haan... main bohot chhoti jagah se aayi hoon, sir". After this, Salman lightly scanned her and asked, "fit kaise ho gayi wo chhoti jagah me aap?" Do you see the problem? Because we do. 

However, we have to say that Meenal beautifully handled the situation.

After this, when she was proceeding towards the stage, she slipped but managed to not fall. 

a still from madhuri dixit's show dance deewane

If you want to watch it for yourself, skip this video to 1:04:00.

After that, Meenal finally started her performance and Salman got up and stood near the stage. He later explained it saying, "Main wahan isliye khada tha ki aap kahin fir se tappa khakar gir gayi toh". The judges, Meenal and the audience kept laughing throughout. Some may see the issue and some may laugh it off just like them but fat-shaming is the dumbest way to introduce humour, it shouldn't even exist.

A celebrity who is watched and followed by millions is commenting on a women's weight on national television and everyone is laughing and legitimising fat-shaming. Three claps for that bullshit. 

Meenal was a good sport, I appreciate her but if any of my family members was on stage and this happened, I would have been raging because that's a sane response as per the books of humanity. But we live in an era where those who speak up against insensitive comments, are casually asked to get a sense of humour and that's crazy.  

I don't know if this was a scripted part of the show, If it was, I would suggest they get new and mature writers, if it was Sallu's multi-talented brain itself blessing us then, Bhai, please get a perspective".  

This is not the first time, Salman has proven his lack of sensitivity or have commented on someone's weight. Last week, he received a lot of flak on social media for ignoring a young contestant's request, when the child refused to hug Jacqueline but Salman forced the kid to hug the actress.

In the past, Sonakshi Sinha revealed on a show hosted by Neha Dhupia that Salman advised her to not waste her time on Fashion Designing rather lose weight and become an actress.

While Sonakshi Sinha looks happy with the advice, we're not sure if that's all a smart girl can do, lose weight and act.

I absolutely welcome advice and I love staying healthy but I can't support fat-shaming. Not even in jest.

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