#ViralPataudis: Here's Another Picture Of Saif, Kareena And Taimur & We Can't Take Our Eyes Off

#ViralPataudis: Here's Another Picture Of Saif, Kareena And Taimur & We Can't Take Our Eyes Off

Kareena Kapoor Khan is back in India after a relaxing vacay with her veeres and family, while Taimur and Saif are still in London. The actress returned for her performance at a beauty pageant and plans to fly back off to the British capital once all her commitments are wrapped up. 

While Taimur, with his easy-breezy smile, steals the show in the Pataudi family, his parents Saif and Kareena know exactly how to maintain the chemistry in their family portraits. Pataudi family gives our country at least one viral picture every week and this week is not just about Taimur, it's about his family portrait in London. It looks like a shot straight out of a movie.      

The three of them are in Hyde Park doing what every family does there. While Taimur’s fascination for water continues, Kareena hugs Saif with a smile. And that makes such a lovely picture.

Not just this one, a few days back ad shoot shots of Saif and Kareena came out and God, their chemistry is palpable. We can't decide what's more attractive - the way Saif is looking at Kareena or Kareena's smile. The couple has come together onscreen for the first time after Kareena's cameo in Saif's film Happy Ending (2014). 

With Saif and Bebo sitting in a cosy home set-up with guitar, the shots look almost real.   


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Although Kareena has mentioned in her past interviews that she doesn't want paparazzi to keep tab of Taimur's every move but undoubtedly, the Pataudis have a fair share of fans in London as well. As their pictures from the vacation were going viral, press and people found Taimur too adorable to not get a picture of the cutie. But Saif wasn't happy with the unwanted attention, he tried to stop people from clicking pictures of Kareena, Taimur and himself as they were walking on the streets. On the other side, Taimur, who has made his peace with the attention from the press, looked chill and waved in merriment.  

Saif and Bebo's Taimur is a born-star and at the age of not-knowing-anything, he's already aced the skills to charm and handle media with poise.