These Memes On Desi Girl Problems Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

These Memes On Desi Girl Problems Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

It was only a day ago that a distant relative of mine (whose existence was unknown to me until now) called me up, and after identifying herself with a few rudimentary 'hello, how are you' queries, launched into a detailed interrogation session on my future and when I was planning to 'settle down'. While this isn't uncommon in Indian society as a whole, I wondered how often is it that these aunties and uncles keep their hawk-eyes glued to young women and jump at the opportunity of approaching her with a rishta in tow, once she's legally allowed to get married. 

Echoing my thoughts, although, in a hilarious fashion, Saher is a Pakistani artist who illustrates the life and woes of desi women, especially when it comes to marriage, weddings, and the unnecessary social commentary that every woman has gone through, once in her life. Her Instagram profile, pakistanimarthastewart, is an absolute riot, and as a desi woman, you won't be able to help yourself from exclaiming 'OMG SO TRUE!' with every post you come across her feed! Take a look at some of our favourites below.

1. We aren't the ones getting married, silly, our families do too!


Instead of "I said yes" for us desi girls it's... "Our parents said yes"😂

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2. Desi parents have been playing this game for years now


Because what are you doing in life if you're not a doctor, lawyer or engineer? *sigh*

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3. What are you doing with your life if you aren't whitening your skin?!

4. Anything for a padha, likha, handsome Doctor as a son-in-law, obviously


How far would Aunty go for a doctors rishta?? #it #youllfloattoo #parody

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5. Because my womb is now self-aware and can breed baby boys by the dozen

6. What a nightmare!


How to scare aunties this Halloween.

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7. Tell me about your eligible son one more time, aunty, I dare you



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8. It's really THAT simple, beta - you are picky, we only want the best for you

9. Does it look like I care?

10. Walk away...walk away right now!