This Woman Fought A Tiger With A Stick To Save Her Goat, Says #LetMeTakeASelfie!

This Woman Fought A Tiger With A Stick To Save Her Goat, Says #LetMeTakeASelfie!

Marathi Manus Jaga Ho!

You know that you've heard or read this Marathi phrase somewhere before but can't really figure out what it means? Here, we'll give you a hint - you have seen (and laughed at) Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte aka Paresh Rawal yell the phrase in Hera Pheri before he loses his shit and starts shooting a rifle in the air. It means 'A Marathi being be awakened!'

1 rupali meshram - paresh rawal hera pheri

But have you heard about a Marathi manus like this in real life? Well, you're about to. Meet Rupali Meshram, the Marathi woman who not just fought a tiger but fought a tiger with a mere stick.

Rupali heard one of her goats bleat and as she came outside her house to see what was happening, there it was... a tiger attacking the goat. To save her goat, she picked up a stick from the ground and ran towards the tiger to shoo him away. Of course it wasn't going well, it was a 23 year old woman versus a tiger! The tiger injured her face pretty bad but Rupali was unstoppable until her mother came running and dragged her inside the house. Her mother was injured as well in the chaos. Thankfully, the tiger ran away.

Now, I would rush to a doctor if something like this were to happen to me, of course, after freaking out and having a panic attack first. But Rupali ain't no ordinary girl. Her first reaction? She wanted to take a selfie. Here are pictures:

Sounds like a scene from a Bollywood movie, doesn't it? As heroic as she was, is taking a selfie really the first call to action needed? We fracture our arm, we take a selfie; we get a 104 high fever, we take selfie; we fall and bruise our leg, we take a selfie. Is that the type of 'memory' you want to share and save forever? Let us know in the comments section what you think about Rupali's #SelfieFever!

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