Dear Bestie, I Hope We Never Break These 9 *Girl Code* Rules! | POPxo

Dear Bestie, I Hope We Never Break These 9 *Girl Code* Rules!

Dear Bestie, I Hope We Never Break These 9 *Girl Code* Rules!

Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships that a girl cherishes. We hear about guys’ ‘Bro Code’ ALL the time. But girls, it’s time we start talking about our own ‘Girl Code’ and what better time than Friendship’s Day to do that, right? I am sure you’ll all agree that the bond we share with our BFFs is stronger than anything else in the world. So if you want to have each other’s back forever, then here are a few ‘Girl Code’ rules that every girl must follow. Take note!

1. Fries before guys!

Because nothing makes you as happy as fries do. Not even guys!

1 girl code

2. A sleepover is the solution to all guy related problems…  

And of course, it’ll get even better if you get some pizza and wine for the night!

3. Answer the ‘How do I look?’ question honestly!

Make sure that I never step out looking like a fashion disaster. Who knows where I might find my Mr. Right?!

3 girl code

4. Be my wing woman!

And I’ll forever be yours. After all, that’s what friends are for… *Wink*

5. Like all my profile pictures and Instagram posts!

...because duh, show some love to your bestie!

5 girl code

6. No drama when either of us is PMSing, geddit?!

Our periods suck and who understands that better than you do!

7. Don’t ever get your boyfriend to a girl’s night out!  

This is a code-breaker. Period.

7 girl code

8. Shop ‘til we drop!

If there’s an upcoming sale, you HAVE to inform me about it. Let’s swipe our cards together.

9. Ovaries before brovaries!

Let’s choose each other instead of choosing that guy we both kinda like. Let’s face it, ovaries before brovaries, right?!

9 girl code

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