'A Secret Desire Was Fulfilled...' - Here's What Rubina Had To Say About Her Griha Pravesh!

'A Secret Desire Was Fulfilled...' - Here's What Rubina Had To Say About Her Griha Pravesh!

Once the wedding celebrations come to an end and all the craziness wears off, all that a newlywed couple really wants to do is settle into their new life and embark upon their new journey with lots of wishes and blessings. Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla who just returned to Mumbai from their week-long wedding celebrations in Shimla and Ludhiana, also wanted just that.

But given the fact that both of them live away from their families, they did not have anybody to welcome them into their new home, or so they thought. In a very thoughtful and sweet move, their friend and actor Gautam Hegde's mother surprised them with a traditional griha pravesh pooja. Rubina was immensely touched by the gesture and she put up a very sweet Instagram post about the same. Here's a picture:

The caption read:

"After all the rituals and functions, we head to Mumbai (in our new home) ........ as we are committed to our work, we chose to get back....
And after a week of unforgettable memories and celebrations...... with friends and Family around, (deep down) I didn’t want to step into my new world without “Being Welcomed and blessed”... and here’s what happened.. my secret desire was fulfilled by ‘sensitively’ thoughtful @hegdeg (Gautam Hegde) as Aai (his amazingly graceful maa) did my Greh-Pravesh.... what a heartwarming moment it was for us @ashukla09 (Abhinav) .......... one of the Best surprises"

That's so sweet. One can only imagine how happy it must have made Rubina and Abhinav!

They had a beautiful destination wedding ceremony in Shimla on 21 June, followed by a reception in Ludhiana, Abhinav's hometown and a grand reception in Mumbai on June 28. Rubina also shared a beautiful video of all the special wedding moments on her Insta profile. Their wedding photographer, Knotting Bells, indeed did a great job shooting the fun wedding so beautifully and capturing the essence of their love story so perfectly. Here's the video:


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Kaafi cute, no?!

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Rubina and Abhinav on their wedding. We wish them a life full of love and happiness always!