#ManiMonday: Rose Quartz Manicure Is The Latest 'It' Trend In The Beauty World

#ManiMonday: Rose Quartz Manicure Is The Latest 'It' Trend In The Beauty World

If you're a beauty enthusiast, you surely know what rose quartz is. It's the crystal of unconditional love and stands for compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. It's linked directly to the Heart Charka and is believed to have the power of dissolving emotional wounds, fears, and resentment. It stands for self-love, healing, and self-acceptance and is even known to improve blood circulation in the body, which is why so many people use it in the form of a face tool.

With 2020 being the year that it is, we need all the love and positive energy that we can get. So, the rose quartz trend is being taken up a notch. Rose quartz manicures are the latest trend in the beauty-verse and here are some pictures to take inspiration from.

Doesn't it look oh-so-gorgeous?

If you don't want to go all out, you can even opt for an alternative one with pale pink nail paint. This even has flecks of gold in it to add an extra oomph to the look.


LIT Nail Enamel - Fling

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Another way to hop onto the trend is to get a gold line on the tips and beds of your nail, this will take the rose quartz manicure up a notch and will let you shine bright.

Of course, if you want to keep it as close to the crystal as possible then this is the best way. Hopefully, just like the stone, these nails will also have a relaxing, soothing, and calming effect on your mind and body. God knows with all that is happening around us, we need it. 

This nail art looks stunning and I'm jumping on the trend ASAP. After all, who wouldn't want some more love, compassion, and affection right now? ❤ 

Featured Image Source: Instagram