Dear Bae, Let’s Click Cute Pics Like Anushka & Ranbir! *Heart*

Dear Bae, Let’s Click Cute Pics Like Anushka & Ranbir! *Heart*
Have you ever fallen in love with someone so hard that you can’t even look at them without wanting to kiss them? Know that feeling when you feel the whole zoo in your stomach, not JUST butterflies? We know that being in love is one of the best feelings in the world (yes, even better than biryani)! Every girl clicks romantic photos with her boyfriend and loves to look at them when she misses him. Oh come on, admit it! Don’t you look at those cute couple pictures on Instagram and wonder “who the hell clicks these pictures?” Don’t you want a professional photographer to follow you around and click adorable candid photos of you and your boyfriend? Well, we always think about this whenever we come across those cute couple pictures. Like, when these couples get into a relationship do they get a photographer along with it, or is there a deluxe package they’ve had to pay extra for? We’re ready to pay because we really want to get adorable pictures clicked JUST like Ranbir and Anushka from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Here are 10 pictures of them which we would love to recreate with our boyfriends...

1. The Anjali and Rahul signature pose from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Ranbir and Anushka look adorable. Wondering how we will look...

1 romantic photos Image: Dharma Movies on Instagram

2. Candid pictures like these! When you’re having fun with him…

2 romantic photos Image: Dharma Movies on Instagram

3. Aww… We are getting this one clicked at our shaadi for sure! <3

3 romantic photos Image: Dharma Movies on Instagram

4. We would love to recreate this picture! *Goes and buys a yellow saree*

4 romantic photos Image: Dharma Movies on Instagram

5. Yeah yeah! We know, someone clicking your picture while you’re sleeping would be SO creepy! But we can act, right?

5 romantic photos

6. The one where he hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek… SO SOO SOOO ROMANTIC!

6 romantic photos

7. This one is just too adorable! Don’t we all love it when our boyfriends do this?

7 romantic photos

8. When we’re just lying around talking about random stuff… Why doesn’t someone come and click a picture of us? *Sigh*

8 romantic photos

9. Okay, this is so cute! Now we’re seriously going to hire a photographer! :D

9 romantic photos

10. When you’re just sitting and he suddenly gives you a tight hug… We’re getting this one clicked, pakka!

10 romantic photos OMG! Ranbir and Anushka have given us some serious couple goals! We can’t wait to hire a photographer and get these romantic photos clicked...