Twitterati Unleash Hilarious Memes As Twitter Announces A New 'Story-Like' Update

Twitterati Unleash Hilarious Memes As Twitter Announces A New 'Story-Like' Update

Twitterati were in for a shocker when Twitter recently made a somewhat unsettling announcement. The microblogging giant announced earlier today that it has started testing a "new" format called ‘Fleets.' Within no time, Twitter was flooded with memes illustrating why it happens to be a really bad idea as #RIPTwitter began to trend extensively. 

As per a brief shared by one of Twitter's employees, the "fleets" feature will enable users to post disappearing content that would stay on their feeds for only 24 hours. Does that sound familiar? Well, of course! In what essentially sounds like its own version of stories, Twitter's "fleets" would not be available to be retweeted. 

Flabbergasted by the feature's uncanny resemblance to Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp stories, Twitterati are losing it over the idea of 'fleets.' They fear the implications that this feature might have on Twitter's status as a relatively serious social media platform. And in typical Twitter fashion, they reacted to the news through hilarious memes

Here's what the tweeps are saying about what clearly appears to be an apocalyptic turn of events for them: 

Well, this looks like a possibility...

Oh, The Accuracy!

Potato, Patato!


The Twitter Elites Must Be Up For A Sleepless Night

Oh Twitter, Did You Just Dig Your Own Grave?

This Apocalyptic Vision Of The New Update Is Everything!

Can We Just Bird Box Through The Chaotic Times?

Hey Twitter, It's Not Us, It's You! Adieus!

Why Twittter Why?

Apocalyptic or cool: what do you think about Twitter's latest update? 

Featured Image: Twitter

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