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Hold On, Richa Chadha & Ali Fazal Are Dating For Real & We're So Happy For Them

Hold On, Richa Chadha & Ali Fazal Are Dating For Real & We're So Happy For Them

The internet lost its marbles back in September when Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal confessed that they were dating each other. The couple went public with their relationship when Richa flew down to be with her beau at The Venice International Film Festival where his movie Victoria and Abdul was to be premiered.

Talking about her relationship with Ali Zafar to Pinkvilla, Richa said "I have had bad experiences with actors on outdoor shoots and I never thought I'll fall for an actor. But with this experience, I have learnt that never say never. What we like about each other is that we give each other space and as we both are actors, we understand the demands of the profession. And at the same time, we both are from middle-class families. He is a great intellectual match for me, he is well read and educated guy. He has common interests like me - art, literature, music and photography. Sometimes we cook together and even workout together."

When asked about their wedding plans, she added "I don't know about it and we don't want to give anyone that much access to our life. If it happens, it will be very private and for us. We are very fresh and new, we want to take it slow and be happy."

In a previous interview, Ali expressed his feelings for his girlfriend and said "It’s our friendship, which grew over time. It’s so easy for everyone to fit us in a genre and label it love. Love is when we last, so the hope is that we arrive somewhere close to that. I just hope this is the last time I will be disclosing status on my personal life. We don’t want to jeopardise our little friendship. But am happy, I am very happy." 

While they are an unexpected couple, we're so happy to see this couple come out and talk about their love. 

Looks like love is all around!