Revlon Is The Brand New Entrant On The Pizza Cutter Applicator Bandwagon & We Are Thanking The Universe!

Revlon Is The Brand New Entrant On The Pizza Cutter Applicator Bandwagon & We Are Thanking The Universe!

Ladies, your relationship with your eyeliner is about to get much, much better!

Think of your eyeliner as a Panther who can sense your fear, especially, liquid liner. If you show any signs of apprehension, you know that your eyeliner will know and the mirror image of that cat-eye you’ve been trying to replicate will take a shape of a sister alignment and in some cases, look like divorced lines. But thanks to M.A.C and Revlon, the situation is about to roll over easy.

Even though felt tip applicators have managed to remain the best way to get a liquid liner right there’s now a better way to do it, through the ‘pizza cutter’ applicator. In fact, this new applicator comes with a foolproof promise to give you a perfect cat-eye and we are obviously rethinking everything.

In February, M.A.C teased us with a genius “pizza cutter” applicator design for the first time and it had everyone gushing because instead of a felt tip, pencil or brush, it featured a rolling wheel to accurately spread the liquid liner on your lash line. The end of the wand looked like a mini pizza cutter. The liner finally, dropped on 3rd August and we couldn’t help but stock-up.          

And now, Revlon has launched its ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner with the same mind-blowing applicator at a cheaper price (Rs 585 approximately). So, if you were looking forward to buying this precision applicator then you can do it while saving on some moolah.

While M.A.C has already offered liquid liners in universal solid colours, these waterproof liners from Revlon come in four shiny colour variants: Intense Black, Sparkling Black, Mulberry (burgundy), and Mermaid Blue (teal), they totally have you spoilt for choice. The style has gone viral enough to already put the status of such liners to ‘out of stock’.  

2 eyeliner - revlon colorstay exactify liquid liner

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Undeniably, you are about to see more of the pizza cutter applicators in the near future and you can be one of the early adopters. You’ll have to wait awhile to get your hands on these sparkly colours from Revlon as they are yet to arrive in India but you can get your roller wheel liquid liner from M.A.C right now! Go ahead, it’s fun and easy to use.

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