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Ladies, Steal Those Hoodies: Research Says Wearing Your Partner's Clothes Is Good For You

Ladies, Steal Those Hoodies: Research Says Wearing Your Partner's Clothes Is Good For You

'Tis the season! Okay, it's not essentially winters yet but we're almost there, aren't we? Take out the furry jackets, woollen boots and more importantly all those oversized hoodies you've stolen from your bae. Yeah yeah, we've all done that. Snuggling feels a whole lot better in their clothes, amirite!?

Now, a recent study by the University of British Columbia proved that wearing your SO's clothes can actually be beneficial for your health. The study claims that those clothes can reduce both stress and anxiety among people. 

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According to Women's Health, the study enlisted 96 women and made them randomly sniff one of the three scents: their romantic partner's, a stranger's or something neutral. These people underwent a series of tests to measure their cortisol (a steroid hormone) levels. The group that was given the smell of their partner showed drastically lower levels of anxiety and stress. Before the study was conducted, the partners were made to wear the T-shirt, which was then frozen to retain the smell.  

The people who were made to sniff clothes worn by a stranger showed significantly higher cortisol levels. I guess even subconsciously we feel a lot more comfortable with our boo's smell and clothes.

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Ladies, you know what this means right? Raid your boyfriend's cupboard and tell him even science knows that his clothes make you feel better than your own. After all, mental health over everything.

BRB, going snuggle in his jacket.

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