10 Sassy Replies For When People Ask 'Why Are You So Dressed Up?'

10 Sassy Replies For When People Ask 'Why Are You So Dressed Up?'

Picture this: You get up in the morning all excited to wear the outfit you picked out last night. While dressing up, you're imagining the compliments you'll get today because you know you look so damn fine. Somewhere in the back of your head, an Instagram caption is brewing for that candid you're going to fake. Only to have people say things like, 'Are you going on a date after work?' and 'So... where are you going tonight?'.

Save it, Brenda, for those who care! 

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Here are 10 replies to 'Why are you so dressed up?' that are sassy and pure gangsta.

1. So I Could Look Myself In The Mirror And Say, 'Damn I look so fine'!

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2. I Decided To Dress For The Job I Want, Not The Job I Have!

3. Oh, I Have A Feeling That I Might Run Into My Ex Today!

4. I Felt Like Channelling My Inner Kardashian Today.

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5. Dressed Up? I Woke Up Like This, Babe!

6. Because I Couldn't Wait Till My Birthday To Get That Reaction From You *Wink*

7. It's Monday! I Thought We Could Use Some Glam With Our Coffee!

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8. Because 'Main Apni Favourite Hoon'!

9. My Pizza Addiction Is Too Real To Save This Dress For Later. 

10. A Little Beyonce Never Hurt Anyone!

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You go, girl.

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