14 Shaadi Moments From The 'Veere Di Wedding' Trailer That Are Relatable AF!

14 Shaadi Moments From The 'Veere Di Wedding' Trailer That Are Relatable AF!

The Sonam and Kareena Kapoor starer Veere Di Wedding trailer released recently and brought with it a wave of happiness. Not only because it looked like so. much. fun but because it was so relatable. Not your usual cliche Bollywood drama, but things and moments all of us could actually relate to. After telling you about all the 'sanskaari' misconceptions that it broke, here we are with some hilarious and crazy, but super relatable shaadi moments from the wedding that are so 'us'! Breaking them down, one hilarious scene at a time:

1. When the realisation hits you!

Screenshot %28408%29

2. When everybody around you makes you look like a 'fairy princess', also known as dukaan!

Screenshot %28410%29

3. 'What? Already? Just like that I am a Mrs. ?!?' 

Screenshot %28411%29

4. When you call your fiance and your mom-in-law suddenly takes the phone to talk to you...

Screenshot %28413%29

'Hi baby...' And 'hanji beta' comes the reply... Ummmm, awkward!!!

5. So many new rishtedaars!! You're now somebody's mami, chachi and what not and it's overwhelming!

Screenshot %28414%29

6. When 'bridezilla' fever takes over and all you can do is trust your bridesmaids to help you through it...

Screenshot %28417%29

7. Shaadi shopping with the in-laws be like!

Screenshot %28419%29

8. When you want an intimate wedding ceremony only for nears and dears...

Screenshot %28421%29

But your parents be like...

Screenshot %28422%29

9. When all your friends and cousins go crazy on the sangeet night!

Screenshot %28424%29

10. When you know that all this taam-jhaam is nothing like you wanted your dream wedding to be!

Screenshot %28425%29

11. Ye ho kya raha hai yaar?!?

Screenshot %28428%29

Followed by...

Screenshot %28432%29

Dulha gir gaya...

12. When you start questioning your decision...

Screenshot %28434%29

And you start feeling that all this running around is getting too much!

Screenshot %28435%29

13. Because of which, you have a huge fight with your friends!

veere di wedding trailer

And then you realise you can't do without them!

Screenshot %28437%29

14. And then everything is okay when the wedding day actually arrives!

Screenshot %28438%29

Batao, is it relatable AF or what?!

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