This Reflective Lip Art Will Make You The Star Of The Show... LIT-erally!

This Reflective Lip Art Will Make You The Star Of The Show... LIT-erally!

If we start counting from velvet and bead lips to toilet paper lips, it won't be a wrongful claim that there hasn’t been a shortage of daring yet intriguing lip art in 2017. But just when you thought the beauty industry and Insta-make-up artists had put their brushes down, a new beauty trend dropped on our Insta feeds. This time it is reflective Lips. Yes, you read that right!

The current trend that has the potential to take over our party looks are mirror-like lips. It’s all about the metallic sheen which will perfectly complement your glitter make-up for NYE.

As per Jazmina Daniel, who is one of the genius behind mirror lips trend, the process to get the look is simple. She revealed on her Instagram that she has used a silver reflective paper from a package and then “cut it to the shape” of her lips. Then she has adhered the paper to her lips using lash glue. She’s wearing the look with a matching manicure painted in metallic chrome.  

Others who have tried the trend haven’t exactly revealed their techniques but they sure have innovated it to the next level. Imagine literally shining bright like a star at the party, you can colour your hair in mulled wine to get the complete look, too


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Which one of these are you rocking at the next party? We think ALL, this is the ultimate party season ladies!