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Dear Dad, Here Are 10 Reasons You’ll Always Be My *Hero*

Dear Dad, Here Are 10 Reasons You’ll Always Be My *Hero*

For a daughter, her father is her first love and her ultimate hero. It’s often said that a girl isn’t a princess because of her prince but she’s a princess because her father is the king. And since it’s already Father’s Day, what day is better than today to express your love for your dad. Read on to find reasons your father is your ultimate *hero*!

1. He’ll do anything to make you smile!

From wearing a Minnie Mouse headband to playing with the kitchen set to spend hours finding the perfect dress for your graduation - a father can do anything to see a smile on his angel’s face.

2. He’s your ultimate saviour…from mom’s temper!

You get to team up with your daddy when mom is in a bad mood. Nothing is as fun as playing pranks and mischiefs together. Also, right when mom is about to yell, daddy dear takes all the blame on isn’t he the best?!

3. He’ll always be there for you!

A father stands strong beside his daughter from the time she learns to take her first baby steps to when she gets married. And even after she gets married, he’s always there for her no matter what.

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4. He was your first teacher!

As a kid, your dad was your first teacher! He taught you how to rough it out, both out in the field while playing sport as well as when life gets tough.

5. He’s the strongest man you know!

Since you were a little baby, he piggybacked you, held your hands when you took your first steps and even now that you are so much older he is still always there to catch you when you fall.

6. He has set high standards for men all around!

Your dad, the ultimate hero in your life, implicitly teaches you what you need to look in your guy. And trust me, with him in your life, your standards are already high because he is nothing less than the perfect man - strong, protective and loving.

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7. He has made Sundays fun days!

Sunday is your favourite day of the week. You two brunch together, play some sport, watch movies, irritate mom, listen to stories about his life and have a perfect end to the week.

8. He makes sure you feel like a princess, always!

For your dad, no matter how old you get, you will always be his little girl. Even today, he holds your hand when you’re crossing the road with him, he still worries when you get home late from work and tears well up his every time he sees his baby girl upset.

9. He’s the ‘super dad’!

Come what may, your dad can take care of anything and everything. Whether it’s a heartbreak, your teacher complaining about the pranks you play at school or a bad day at work - your father will fix it all and put a smile on your face.

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10. He loves you just the way you are!

You dad is someone who will always love the way you are. He’ll never try to change you in which way and that’s the best. He lets you do your own thing and even supports you the most.

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