7 Reasons Why Your Devar Is Your Brother From Another Mother, Literally!

7 Reasons Why Your Devar Is Your Brother From Another Mother, Literally!

Marriage changes a lot, especially for a girl. She leaves her old life behind to begin a new one in a new home, with a new set of family members. You understand the level of newness I'm talking about, right? Being a new bride is a very exciting phase for every girl. Everybody in her husband's family is fussing over her, trying to make her feel comfortable and welcome. But there is one person who succeeds in doing this in the best way possible - her younger brother-in-law aka devar. This guy is her friend, confidante, driver and everything else that a girl could ask for from her own brother. Here are some things that totes prove that a devar is your brother from another mother, quite literally!

1. He is your favourite prank partner

Just like you used to do a lot of fun things with your brother back at your maiden home, your adorable devar forms a team with you to do the craziest things now. He will help you pull silly pranks on your hubby and you will love it!

2. He can discuss anything and everything with you, and vice versa!

You are not his mom who will scold him, but a mother-like figure in his life. He will come to you for advice about life, girlfriends, love and a lot of other things. Similarly, when you are upset about something, you can totally depend on him to listen to you and even cheer you up! 


3. He pretty much does everything you ask him to

From driving you around when you're feeling lazy to do so on your own to making sure that your midnight maggie cravings are met, you know he'll do it! 

4. He always sides with you whenever you have an argument with your husband

No kidding. Yes, he loves his brother, but a devar always loves his bhabhi more. 

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5. He pampers you crazy

It's not just you taking care of him and showering him with love all the time. He will make sure you eat right, he will be super concerned about your safety and will even get you tiny presents on special occasions! Really, he will! 

6. Even his friends love you

That's because he will praise you so much in front of his friends all the time, they will start adoring you too. 


7. He's just there, always!

And he will never let you feel lonely or lost in this new house of yours.

A devar is truly a blessing in disguise, so if you have one, treasure him!

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