9 Times Mr India Made Our Childhood Magical

9 Times Mr India Made Our Childhood Magical

Shekhar Kapur turned 71 today and for those of you who don’t know what this great filmmaker did for our generation. I have two words for you - Mr. India. This iconic man gave us the most popular Indian sci-fi film that influenced our childhood, from the foot-tapping dance numbers to that invisibility wrist watch we all could have killed for! But that wasn’t all, who could forget the legendary villain who was so bad you couldn’t help being in awe of his personality, the brilliant yet absolutely insane Mogambo.

It’s tough to admit but Arun Verma wasn’t my favourite character, that sad man trying to fix his life while raising orphaned children didn’t catch my attention. It was Seema Soni played by Sridevi, the flamboyant female role model I desperately needed. She was unapologetic in her behavior and played a huge role in bringing down the ‘bad guy’.

Here Are 9 Time Mr. India Made My Childhood Magical!

1. Even Superheroes Fear For Their Lives

01 mr india

Cockroaches win over everything, I’m pretty sure Arun feared these tiny creatures more than Mogambo himself.

2. Mogambo Was The Worst Thing To Happen To Mankind

02 mr india

I wasn’t well informed about Hitler as a kid, but Mogambo came pretty close.

3. Steer Clear Of Red Smoky Stuff

03 mr india

This strange strong red molten smoky lava melted almost anything in seconds, and made me fear for my life.

4. Everybody Needs Somebody

06 mr india

Just because she was absolutely badass, didn’t mean she couldn’t be feminine and in love!

5. And Look Absolutely Stunning!

05 mr india

Sridevi romanced herself in this song and that’s some self-love goals right there.

6. Love Can Be Difficult

06 mr india

Imagine being able to get some action only under the red light, as strange as it sounds it goes to prove that you can’t have everything!

7. Happiness Doesn’t Need Money

07 mr india

You don’t need big cars and a truckload of toys to enjoy your childhood, these kids did it just fine.

8. Women Can Save The Day

08 mr india

She put on her mask and fought Mogambo with the same fierness as Arun did, also she was hilarious.

9. The Most Iconic Line Ever

09 mr india

Who can forget the line that made this amazing actor, Amrish Puri a household name!

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