The Virushka Honeymoon Is Just One Reason Why Finland Is The Best Holiday Destination!

The Virushka Honeymoon Is Just One Reason Why Finland Is The Best Holiday Destination!

It has been just a week since celebrity couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma broke the internet with the news of their wedding, but with the number of pictures and videos circulating online, you’d think it’s been a whole season! We won’t lie, we are absolutely guilty of being as obsessed as we are. But looking at the lovely couple and our collective adulation for Bollywood; could you really blame us?

Keeping up with the newest information on the couple’s beautiful ever after, we have been graced with the beautiful picture of Virushka spending time on their honeymoon, and we obviously couldn’t stop gushing!


In heaven, literally 😇😍

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But of course, the photo was definitely worth a thousand words, as the internet got to work to find out where the honeymoon destination was located, and now, thanks to reports from Indian media, it has been disclosed that the happy couple has been vacationing in the gorgeous land of Finland!

Finnish media has reported that Virat and Anushka's honeymoon in Rovaniemi, Finland was organised by the company  Luxury Action, which is considered quite a specialty in private and luxury travel, including tailor-made experiences in the Arctic and Nordic regions.

The couple’s choice in the honeymoon destination cannot be more perfect, as Finland is possibly the ideal destination for lovebirds, for more reasons than one!

1. The Northern Lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis

One of nature’s most beautiful spectacle, the Northern Lights are a must-see in every traveller’s bucket list. And what better way to tick off the destination from your bucket list than to visit the location on your honeymoon with your beloved?

2. The Santa Claus Village - yes, it exists!

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Source: Santa Claus Village

Rovaniemi, in Finland, is the official residence of Mr. Claus, and you can see him literally any day of the year, and not wait for Christmas at all! The village draws an approximate of nearly 3,00,000 visitors annually and is the best-known attraction in Lapland.

3. Skiing Adventures at Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park!


Dreaming of this moment. Fresh powder snow and clear cold winter day.

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Nothing says a fun skiing holiday better than the snowy white landscape of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park that also have marked nature and hiking trails for the summer months where you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the Nordic region.

4. Cosy up for warmth in the breathtaking Oulanka National Park!

Scenic waterfalls, rugged landscapes, and a whole lotta love awaits you on your honeymoon when you visit the Oulanka National Park. While summers make the destination a picture perfect postcard right out of a novel, the fairy tale wonderland vibes of the location in winter, perfect with the little cottage by the river,  is what will get the romance going for the two of you in Finland!

5. Immerse yourself in the culture of North Karelia


Вы когда-нибудь слышали, как звучит незастывший лёд? Как скрипят, сталкиваясь друг с другом льдины, шуршат, обнимая возвышающиеся над водой камни. Звук трещины, пробегающей по тонкой льдистой поверхности от движения водной толщи. Голос ледостава. Именно его я услышала на Онежском озере, в Малой Медвежке, где мы останавливались на обед по пути из Вологодской области. Поразил меня там лёд не только своим звучанием, но и самим видом, название у которого сладкое и необычное - «шуга». Поразил настолько, что пришлось искать, откуда он берётся 🙃 ❄️Сперва вокруг кристалликов льда образуются «ледяные иглы» - тонкие пластинки льда, взвешенные в воде. ❄️Иглы эти быстро смерзаются между собой, становясь «ледяным салом» - тонкой матовой поверхностью. Обычно такое «сало» появляется сразу в нескольких местах в виде круглых льдинок 30-90 см диаметром. ❄️В это время на охлажденную морскую поверхность, свободную ото льда, выпадает снег, быстро пропитывается водой, уплотняется и превращается в вязкую массу льда - «снежуру». ❄️ А ветер и течение сбивают «сало» и «снежуру» вместе, в полосы и пятна рыхлого пропитанного водой льда, которые и называются «шуга». • Ставьте 👍🏻 в комментариях, если вам это было так же интересно, как и мне. #visitkarelia #russiatravel #famtrip #jf_russia_karelia • • #wonderful_places #ourplanetdaily #theglobewanderer #worldplaces #fantastic_earth #awesomeearth #WHPinspired #passionpassport #ilove_simplebeyond #russianexplorers #madrussians #photorussia #инстаграмнедели #фотодляроссии #earthfocus #teamtravelers #welivetoexplore #liveoutdoors #natgeotravel #natgeoru #liveauthentic #russia_global #roamtheplanet #wildernessnation #wildernessculture #karelia

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Learn about the people, the culture, and soak in nature’s bounty, as North Karelia offers you a trip filled with culturally significant spots, and picturesque locations complete with romantic spas and botanical gardens for a wholesome trip with your love!

Finland is nature’s way of telling you to leave the bustle of your city behind, as you snuggle up for warmth and cuddles with your partner, immersing yourself in the fairytale honeymoon that you’ve always dreamed of. And if the perfect jodi of Virat and Anushka doesn’t convince you to head to Finland right away, we really wonder what else will!

Happy trails to the lovely couple!