These Real-Life Rishta Meeting Stories Are Just... CRAZY!

These Real-Life Rishta Meeting Stories Are Just... CRAZY!
In an Indian arranged marriage setup, rishta meetings are a big deal. It’s the day you see your prospective groom/ bride for the first time and everything depends on what happens in this meeting. Well, here are some crazy experiences which people have shared on Quora when they met the OTHER side for the first time. What happens next will either surprise you, crack you up or make you go woah! Here, have a look.

1. A family with weird traditions

Parul Dixit answers on Quora He: Do you know how to cook? What all can you cook? Me: Ya I can cook most of the Indian dishes. He: Can you make a Papad? Me: Er..Yes. He: This is a tradition in our family. We ask the new bride to make a papad..So, go to the Kitchen and show us how you make a papad (in a commanding tone). 1 rishta meeting stories

2. The guy who wanted to prank his potential fiancee but was pranked instead

Vidushi Rastogi answers on Quora We meet at an crepé outlet. Guy: I guess you are a vegetarian. Me: Yes! *Guy goes and fetches something I have not eaten before.* Guy (playing prank): Oh sorry ! I forgot that you are vegan & got chicken crepés. Me (pointing to red circle at box of serving): They are actually chicken crepés. Guy (with a flushed look): OMG ! I am so sorry, they were supposed to be mushroom ones.
Me: Yeah ! The prank is on you.*hearty laugh* 2 rishta meeting stories

3. When a girl’s toes were the deciding factor

Juneja Balla answers on Quora The guy’s mother asked me to show her my bare feet. I was confused and didn't understand what she meant so she repeated. I showed her my feet, still confused as to why. She left satisfied. I came out from the room and even guy's father looked at my feet 2-3 times (that felt very odd). Anyways, they were happy and left in few minutes. They said Ok for the match and left. My only feeling was anger and irritation. I wanted to ask them why they were SO obsessed with my feet. Anyway, later when i brought this up with a friend she told me that there are some superstitious beliefs that if the girl’s second toe is longer than the first toe it's no good for guy and if third toe finger and fourth toe finger are of same size they will not have any financial growth or indeed graph goes down. Oh my my, i never thought TOES can decide on matchmaking.
3 rishta meeting stories

4. The one who was already engaged!

Gurudutt Deshpande answers on Quora I was on a dinner date with the prospective girl. We were yet to start a conversation and as a sign of courtesy I asked girl to order. I wanted her to feel comfortable and also that I am considerate. She ordered whatever looked nice on the menu and we started to talk. I was trying so hard to impress her when she said she doesn't want to marry as she already is engaged secretly. *Shocked* 4 rishta meeting stories

5. Left? Right? Wrong.

Harsh Punjabi answers on Quora Girl’s parents: You are right handed. Our girl is left handed. If you two have a child, he will get confused. *Wait, WHAT?* 5 rishta meeting stories You can find the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy