Real-Life Breakup Stories That Will Make You Go WTF?!

Real-Life Breakup Stories That Will Make You Go WTF?!
Every one of us have been through a breakup at least once in our lifetime, and we all know that it’s not easy to get over someone. It’s even worse when the reason behind the breakup is completely bizarre. A few people on Quora shared their breakup stories and it made us go WTF? Why? Well, because the reasons are completely bizarre. Read on to know their stories…

1. When she broke up with him for all right reasons

Nikitha Krishnan answers on Quora: Well, the second boyfriend, he wanted me to straighten my hair, when I had beautiful curls. He wanted me to permanently straighten it! And yes, I was fat for him. He wanted me to thin down. And get fairer! He didn't like my dusky tone. 1 breakup stories

2. When she walked out of a wedding

Akshay Kant Gupta answers on Quora: Usually during the garland ceremony, friends of the groom share some light moments by lifting him up so that the bride cannot easily put the garland on him. Same happened the other day and when the groom's friends lifted him up beyond bride's reach for two to three times, the bride lost her temper and refused to marry and walked out of stage. Also read: WHY Are Men So Quiet During Sex? … Guys Answer!

3. When they parted ways because of his boxers

Dave Cheng answers on Quora: A close friend of mine once briefly dated a girl who did not like his Spongebob Squarepants boxers. She told him that she didn't want to sleep in the same bed as someone sporting such childish undies (they were both in their late 20s at the time). He broke up with her on the spot. I'm not sure what was more bizarre: her disliking such harmless sleepwear so vehemently or him kicking her out of his bed (and out of his life) so he could continue sporting those boxers.
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4. When a cartoon character came between the two of them

Jitesh Daga answers on Quora: My girlfriend broke up with me because I liked the cartoon character Shin Chan. I don't know what was wrong with liking Shin Chan? Also read: What Changes When You Go From Being His Girlfriend To His Wife? You can read the full thread on Quora here GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy