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Guys Reveal What ​*Really*​ Turns Them On...!

Guys Reveal What ​*Really*​ Turns Them On...!

There are a few things that gets men in the mood and turns them on. But what are those things apart from boobs-and-butt, which we all know about anyway? Some men answered through Quora what really turns them on, and well, we’re a bit surprised by some answers...

1. Robin Singh says…

A few things that turn me on are- dirty talks, girls wearing short skirts, girls with beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes, nose ring, curvy lips and a girl who loves to watch porn (or anything adult!) turn ons for men Also read: “What’s The ONE Thing You Check On His Phone?” 6 Girls Reveal…

2. Alex Smit says…

There are a lot of things that turn me on like the kind of energy is the person is radiating, her eyes and the way she looks at me, her physical appearance and her voice. Sometimes, a little arrogant attitude is also a turn on.
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3. Kiran Rahul says…

It would be very difficult for me describe every quality in a woman that turns ME on because every day I discover something new that I never knew could turn me on. But I'll try and explain a few things that I would look for in a woman. She should be independent. She should never compromise on her life for anybody else. Her dreams and aspirations should remain as important to her. I would love a woman who can stand right by my side and even kick my ass whenever required. I love girls who are a little adventurous, who love to go out and don't care TOO much about the luxuries in life. Even though this might sound a little cliche, I have a thing for intelligent and well read women. I don't think I need to explain this further.   Apart from these qualities I don't actually look out for anything specific. I agree physical attributes do matter in the beginning (that is normal human nature), when I first meet a girl the one thing that I notice about her is whether she is good looking or not. But as I get to know her, looks move out of the equation. Some of the most amazing women I know are not physically very attractive and I never judge people on that basis. turn ons for men Also read: How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love In An Arranged Marriage?

4. Garrick Saito says…

Speaking on behalf of ALL MEN on planet Earth!
Physical Appearance: For me (and for a lot of men), the 'turn on' begins with physical appearance.  There is no disputing that men are visual creatures. In this respect, I think most men get turned on by- ass, boobs and legs. Her face also matters pretty much. Mostly men fall for a killer body or a beautiful face (it's very rare to get both). Beyond The Physical Appearance: Gentlemen eventually realize that with time, looks doesn’t matter that much. For me, what counts far more than physical appearance is what is inside.  I love humor, that is a big turn on for me. Someone who can laugh at my dumb jokes and who can make me laugh. Kindness is also a turn on, I can’t imagine being with someone who is mean to others. This is my personal opinion. turn ons for men You can read the full threads here and here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Jul 28, 2016
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