6 Girlfriends Confess: The ​*Little*​ Annoying Things About Boys!

6 Girlfriends Confess: The ​*Little*​ Annoying Things About Boys!
We all love our boyfriends! They make us happy, they make us laugh and they make us fall more in love with them every passing day. But there are a few things we wish they never did, and a few funny things they do that end up annoying us the most. Some real life girlfriends took to Twitter to express these with the #ILoveBaeBut hashtag, and it was hilarious! Have a look!

1. When they ignore you because of their social media addiction!

1 tweet with ILoveBaeBut Image: LovinShay4eve on Twitter

2. Because chocolates are foreverrrr!

2 tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Jasmin Zamindar on Twitter

3. We love pizza more than anything in the world. Period.

3 tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Pizzaholic on Twitter

4. Oh, those annoying things they do!!

4 tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Lindsey Margolis on Twitter

5. When Bae exists only in our imaginations!

5 tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Virulentism on Twitter

6. This one just takes the cake! LOL!

6 tweets with ILoveBaeButImage: Cream Cone Coffee on Twitter You heard the girls! Now here are a few tweets that GUYS posted with the same hashtag #ILoveBaeBut and it cracked us up!

1. Did you get it? Did you get it? Hahaha!

1 a tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Joe The Mick on Twitter

2. Error: Girlfriend Not Found!

2 a tweets with ILoveBaeBut Image: Rabid Parrots on Twitter

3. This is a totally mutual feeling, guys!

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