Sargun Mehta Found Ravi Dubey 'Weird Looking' In The First Go And We're Like, WHAT?!

Sargun Mehta Found Ravi Dubey 'Weird Looking' In The First Go And We're Like, WHAT?!

We are bombarded with generous doses of filmy love stories of reel life couples on TV, but have you ever come across a celeb couple who had the filmiest love story IRL? Enter Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta! The cuties have been married for almost five years and it seems like their marriage is ageing like wine - getting better and better with time. Looking at them now, it is difficult to imagine a time when Ravi and Sargun were not together, but trust me, their love story did not have the most perfect beginning... Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

The pehli mulaakat...


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Sargun was already a popular name in the TV industry, all thanks to her lead role in 12/24 Karol Bagh, a fairly popular daily that aired on Zee. Ravi was later introduced as her mentally retarded husband in the show. About their first meeting, Sargun had once said in an interview to a leading daily:

"He was to play this mentally retarded guy. They showed me photographs of the look test, and my reaction was 'chee'. So, I was expecting this really odd looking guy on the sets. Later when we were to shoot the promo and Ravi knocked on my vanity door, dressed in this red jacket, looking cool and cute. My first reaction was - who is this cute guy? That's when I realised he was to play my husband."


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And while Sargun had this recollection of their first meeting, Ravi had a slightly different version to tell. This is what he said in an interview:

"I found her extremely lively and vibrant but she found me very reserved, something that I am not. Later, of course, we realised we are very similar, which is how we got attracted to each other."

As soon as the shooting began in Delhi, the two became friends. They would go and chill at  Select Citywalk, Promenade and dekhte hi dekhte they fell in love! Sargun recalled:

"None of us said anything! In fact, we came to Bombay, realised that we had become more than just friends. And then one day we suddenly felt it. He said don’t you think we are like dating. And I said yeah, I guess we are dating – so we just began dating."

How cute, right! Now that's what we call a true blue filmy story! While they initially kept their relationship a secret, Sargun declared it to everybody after five months of 'officially' dating Ravi.

They even participated in the celeb dance reality show Nach Baliye and went on to become a much-loved couple. This brings us to the next leg of their relationship, the proposal...

He asked and she said YES!

Sargun always said that while she was romantic just like a Jane Austen heroine, Ravi was the opposite. She had a funny story to narrate:

"He is not a romantic guy at all. For him, to buy a card is also a big deal. He once went to an Archies showroom and was irritated looking at all the cards. So, he told the salesman to give him the biggest card with a heart, paid for it and gave it to me without even writing anything on it. It was our first Valentine’s Day. He had tried to make it special. On the top of the tank of his building, he had placed a bed sheet, candles, champagne, glasses, flowers and cake. I took the card and asked him if I could recycle it for my next boyfriend since he had not written anything in it."

Well, at least he tried! There was another super funny incident she shared:

"I remember it was my birthday and he came in saying that I will get my gift in two days and how he couldn't carry it. I was super excited. The next day I got a delivery for a washing machine and a TV. It was truly bizarre!!!"

Okay, that is a little weird, but in his defence, he gave her two things he thought would be useful for her! But all her complaints of Ravi being unromantic went for a toss when Ravi proposed to Sargun on the sets of Nach Baliye. And not just a random proposal, it was a well planned, well-executed proposal, complete with their parents and a ring! Here is how Ravi described it:

"I decided all this in a very limited span of time. First I arranged for Sargun's mom to come to Mumbai, who in turn convinced her dad to also come along. Then I put them in a hotel. Arranging for all this with Sargun being around me 24x7 for the rehearsals wasn't easy as Sargun is extremely sharp. To pull it through was a task in itself."

Sargun said yes (obviously!) and the wedding celebrations began!

The big fat Indian wedding...


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After almost a year of the romantic proposal, the two tied the knot in a traditional ceremony on 7 December 2013. They had all the wedding ceremonies including haldi and mehendi. They also threw an engagement and cocktail party a day before their wedding. A lavish reception followed in Mumbai for all their industry friends.

Married life so far...


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They have been married for almost five years now and looking at their Instagram it's pretty clear that their love is only getting stronger by the day. The secret behind their successful marriage seems to be the fact that they are friends first and a married couple later.

Well, we just cannot stop swooning over these two lovebirds! May they always stay this awesome and in love!

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