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Ranveer Singh's Mumbai Home Is 'Lit' With Happiness To Welcome The New Bahu!

Ranveer Singh's Mumbai Home Is 'Lit' With Happiness To Welcome The New Bahu!

The internet has been tripping over Deepika and Ranveer's shaadi pictures since they came out last night. The two looked so happy and in love that a lot of us teared up a little (I surely did!). It was a beautiful celebration of love, respect, and togetherness. Frankly, it made us all believe in love a little more.

While the couple may be getting married overseas, they did not leave their parampara and sanskaar behind. The wedding ceremonies were as traditional as they could get and the bride and groom dressed the part. But yesterday night, we spotted something else that was completely decked up - Ranveer Singh's home in Mumbai. Like any other normal family, they lit up their house to celebrate the shaadi of their most wanted munda. In fact, they lit up the whole street - here's proof.

ranveer deepika house 3

ranveer deepika house 4

ranveer deepika house 2

ranveer deepika house 1

It's been a lit wedding, you guys! Let me get back to staring at their pictures!

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Published on Nov 16, 2018
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