Ranveer Singh Had The Funniest Story About Chasing A Fan Butt-Naked!

Ranveer Singh Had The Funniest Story About Chasing A Fan Butt-Naked!

Ranveer Singh is at the peak of stardom with films like Padmaavat and Bajirao Mastani so, it only seems obvious that his fan following is growing at a large pace. Personal space is a thing of the past for him and there is only so much the star can deal with on a daily basis. Ranveer recounted one such hilarious incident in a recent interview with a leading newspaper when he had to chase a fan butt-naked to retrieve a sensitive video. 

“I was in the changing room, buck-naked. I’m drying my hair in one of the stalls. I look and there’s a guy filming with his light on. I was like, ‘Light toh off kar leta, toh pakda nahi jaata’,” said the actor. 

The guy did not make it out though. Thankfully, Ranveer ran after the fan and deleted the video before he could send it across. Ranveer said, “I ran across the changing room, in my condition, and shouted ‘Aye!’ Because of the way I shouted, he panicked and forgot to run away. Can you imagine naked me going, ‘Aye, Aye!’? I caught his arm and I grabbed the phone. Fortunately, I had that presence of mind. If that video came out… I had to destroy it. It goes to this extent almost every other day.”

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Though it makes a great story, it makes you wonder how difficult it is to live a life with almost no personal space. With everybody around you constantly inquisitive about what you're up to, it takes a toll to stay sane. 

Ranveer Singh won't keep Bollywood waiting for long, the actor is currently shooting for Gully Boy alongside Alia Bhatt and will also be seen in Rohit Shetty's Simmba starring Sara Ali Khan. After his astounding portrayal of Khilji in Padmaavat, Ranveer has us awaiting his next in delight. 

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