Not So 'Befikre' On The Road: Ranveer Singh Publicly Scolds A Man For Rash Driving

Not So 'Befikre' On The Road: Ranveer Singh Publicly Scolds A Man For Rash Driving

Ranveer Singh is known to be a fun loving and 'just chill' kind of a person who gels well with everyone around him. He stays happy and excited whenever he's out in the public, doing press conferences or taking selfies with his fans. I have also noticed how calmly he handles inappropriate questions during interviews and laughs it off if he can!

We've seen Ranveer angry or aggressive only onscreen when he's deep into the skin of the character he's playing. However, recently Ranveer got furious at a man driving rashly right next to his car in Mumbai. The two cars were so close that they could've collided. He lost his calm when he saw that the man was using his phone while driving. He was breaking traffic rules and this could have resulted into an accident.

The man took to Twitter to report this incident by sharing a video along, accusing Ranveer of abusing him.

In the video, Ranveer looks enraged as he yells at the man, who kept asking Ranveer to calm down.

This is not the first time a Bollywood celeb has pulled out someone for disobeying traffic rules and lacking civic sense. Remember the Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli incident? Anushka saw someone littering on the road while sitting in a luxury car and she pulled him up for it. 

Bollywood celebrities are not just setting examples for our youth, but they are also pulling them up when they're doing something wrong. We need more people to speak up, so people don't take the roads or the infrastructure for granted!

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